3 Easy Steps to Come Up With Custom T-Shirt Design Ideas


Customized T-shirts are the new trend nowadays. Everyone is jumping into a creative idea. This idea is helping fashion lovers as well as artists. So many creative artists want the scope to showcase their talent. And for them, making a customized T-shirt will be the perfect place to start.

T-Shirt Design

Few people buy paintings, but we all wear T-shirts daily. So it’s more prone to spread among the people. They will get to wear creative designs and witness the clothing world’s clever ideas.

Also, starting a new business full-time or as a side hustle according to your need is a great idea. Please pair up with various apparel brands that make customized T-shirts. It will make your experience as well as grow their brands. And you will also gain a knowledge of marketing, which is essential for a business. WYO ( wear your opinion) is a brand that makes customized T-shirts.

They are a trustable and good brand to get paired with. And they need more ideas to grow their business. They are always in search of a creative artist. They have accounts on social media and a particular website. Check them and contact them to start your journey.
It adds more advantages if you are a pro artist, graphic designer, or illustrator. Because you have already experienced these niches, you can easily develop cool and new ideas.

But don’t worry if you are not any of them but still want to do your business in this. We have got your back. We will give you some tips and ideas to get started. We will tell you what steps you should follow to develop new ideas and never run out of creativity.

Tips to come up with design ideas

Understand your audience: this is one of the most important steps while starting a business. Whether you are a solopreneur or an entrepreneur, you should always research the customers you are targeting.

We all look for entertainment in our boring routine. Keep an eye on every social media, understand the trend, and always read daily news on fashion. People often love sarcastic quotes on their shirts to look more casual and funnier. And when people find that in a T-shirt, it will surely attract them to buy.

The internet is full of dog and cat memes and funny pictures. So you can understand the demand for animal prints and designs. Going for illustrations, doodles, painting, and photos on a customized T-shirt will also be a perfect idea to show your talent.

With the help of social media, you can easily follow various brands and people who make customized T-shirts. Just follow them and look at their posts and ideas. Try to practice daily by doing at least one design a day.

It will make you more professional and experienced. Check their post where people are showing more love. Follow what people like in their business, which types of designs they want, and what materials they provide more. By doing this, you will get ideas to get started with. But don’t copy their designs; try to make your own by doing daily revisions on your arts. It will surely change your business, and with time, you will grow your brand more. Some best sites are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Experiment: newbies are often afraid to try something different and unique. They are worried about getting ignored and neglected. We can understand how painful it is for an artist to get underrated; it’s the worst nightmare. But if you can’t experiment, you can’t grow. Everyone needs to struggle in life, and when it comes to a business, you have to take the risk.

No such business and popular brands get billionaires and love over the night. If you are running your brands, you can take votes from your followers and buyers on what type of designs they will like the most and try to get creative with that topic. You can fail in a few tries, but after that, a ray of new sunshine is waiting for you. However, if you have enough marketing skills, you can succeed after two or three tries. Search on the internet for various kinds of designs and take inspiration from designs like tie-dye( one of the popular designs), popular cartoon characters, ombre colors, aesthetic embroidery, nature, festivals and occasions, and so on.

Free online resources: there are various kinds of websites that offer free resources and templates for designs. Just do some research and find out the suitable one for you. Use websites that provide copyright-free pictures and procedures in your designs.
However, with the growth of digital marketing, plenty of sites provide courses. You can choose both paid or unpaid versions. It’s up to you.

You will get so many ideas to make a customized T-shirt. But it’s up to you by the end of the day. No one can if you aren’t giving your best. Even after spending money and time. Hard work with smart work never disappoints. So turn your idea into your passion and profession.


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