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SivaKarthikeyan needs is such a dynamic personality in Kollywood cinema who needs no introduction for his name. The actor comes from a very common background and made his way to the cinema by working very hard. SivaKarthikeyan wife is also a humble and down to earth women with no glamour tantrums.

Biography of SivaKarthikeyan?

Born in 1985 SivaKarthikeyan never looked back when he find trouble in his path for success in Tamil cinema as dynamic figure. Today he is known for his singing, acting skills along with having a production house. Inspite the fact SK belongs to a much grounded family he never let it come in his way and made his path to cinema which was not easy to tread.  Some of his notable works includes Kedi Billa Killadi and Ethir Neechal along dynamic entry in Bollywood with Dhanush movie. SivaKarthikeyan wife with one cute daughter make his family complete.

SivaKarthikeyan wife name

Fan following of SivaKarthikeyan never show a leap on missing any personal detail of him and many who know a little about SivaKarthikeyan wife name always keep on prying through his profile and latest updates on it. Aarthi doss is the name of his wife and she is a very simple woman who is a homemaker. The couple made to the holy nuptial of marriage back in 2010, more than one decade as of now and they are sailing a happy life together.

What is the current age of SivaKarthikeyan wife?

SivaKarthikeyan wife Aarthi doss was born in 1987 to a Tamil family and she is raised along with Siva from the very beginning.  Talking about SivaKarthikeyan wife age, Aarthi Doss is trailing in mid Thirties of her life and still look too young to justify her age. She is elegant and calm by looks and raise her family with love which can be seen by the bonding between the couple and their loving daughter.

Reasons for which SivaKarthikeyan married Aarthi doss

Though it is a weird thing to comment on the reasons for which SK married to Aarthi as every relations drives no purpose for marrying someone except love. But still there was something else behind the story as SivaKarthikeyan married Aarthi dose out of love of course along with a gratitude that he had towards his father in-law who raised him after the death of SK.  So in order to express his appreciation to the father of Aarthi dose he announced his marriage with Aarthi though this is not the only reason for which they got married as every relation draws basic requirement of loving each other apart from such humbleness which exist in their relationship also.

What is the family of Siva Karthikeyan wife?

The Siva Karthikeyan wife family and SK family is almost same as Siva is married to his cousin so he consider his uncle as his father from the beginning. Aarthi Doss is having her husband SK and a little daughter Aradhana to cherish with love. Apart from it they cannot forget their parents who left no stone unturned to give them a good upbringing and responsible for their success today. So SK has a complete family to share his success with happily after tired routines at workplace.

To which state SivaKarthikeyan wife belongs in India

Like said earlier Aarthi Doss was born in Tamilnadu and she did not shifted her place even after marriage as her in-laws and mother place was quite similar. This is the biggest benefit to both the people that is Aarthi Doss and SK as they do not have to change for the in-laws owing to the fact they were already living in harmony with each other for ages. So Tamilnadu is the Indian State to which Aarthi Doss belongs and both of them are working for their livelihood in the same state except for few exceptions as SK worded in Bollywood for Dhanush movie.

Unseen pictures of Aarthi doss, the wife of SivaKarthikeyan

If you have not seen the beautiful wife of Tamil actor SivaKarthikeyan so far inspite the fact that you are a big fan of him then have a gaze below. Latest pictures of the Aarthi Doss with her husband and daughter can be found here by the fans. All the pictures are in high definition resolution which will help you to catch the gaze of her with her husband and daughter as a cute family. You will also be able to find some unseen and rare pictures of Aarthi doss here.

Aarthi SivaKarthikeyan daughter name

Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/movies/regional-cinema/story/sivakarthikeyan-and-his-wife-aarthi-blessed-with-their-second-child-a-baby-boy-1827105-2021-07-12

The Aarthi SivaKarthikeyan also have a beautiful daughter and her name is Aradhana. The couple were blessed with the baby daughter which brought more happiness to their life and they make a great couple today. Though Aarthi doss is not living a glamorous life and she has chosen to a simple life and work as a home maker she also has her fan for the cause of her simplicity and good nature. She never show off her husband’s success and that is the reason why SK is a big fan of his wife that is Aarthi doss.

So this was the complete biography of SivaKarthikeyan the Tamil actor who made a good path of success in Tamil Cinema on his own. He do not had any Godfather at the time of his entry to this career and his heart work better paid him off. Today he is recognized as one of the leading star in Tamil Cinema and holds the heart of many people with his acting skills. The actor is married to the cousin out of his appreciation to the person who look after SK when he was in need after the death of his father. So we can say that SK is not just a good Actor and singer but at the same time he is also a Samaritan and humble man who do not hesitate to express his gratitude towards those who did well to him in life.

NameAarthi Doss
Date of Birth1987
Husband NameSivakarthikeyan (aka) Siva Karthikeyan
Daughter NameAaradhana
NativeTrichy, Tamil Nadu


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