Top 10 Travel Tips for Moms Traveling with a Toddler


“A Mom on the Go” might be a term easy to say but hard to imagine. As mothers, women often come around with the inability to travel like they used to. The responsibilities and ties attached to their duty as a nurturer make it more difficult for them. However, breaking the stereotypes, there are several tips that every mother can adopt while traveling with their little one. This will help them make travel possible and make it easy to step out with their child.

Traveling with a Toddler
These tips below will help you fight the travel stigma attached to a mother with a toddler. They will help make your next trip with your toddler a much more memorable experience.

Toddler Hygiene Essentials are a must.

One of the biggest pitfalls while traveling with your toddler can be not carrying their hygiene material with you sufficiently. Carry their hygiene essentials everywhere you go. Dedicate a different bag for them. Whenever you’re going anywhere with your child, do not forget to make all emergencies easy to handle.

Save your luggage space.

There are several things that you need to take care of while packing. The essentials and the ones your baby uses must be kept intact. However, there might be several things that they might not need. Hence, chuck them from taking along with you. Do not forget to carry Multipurpose Items such as multitasking paper tape, reusable diapers, removable toys, and more. Being a mother, you would know what’s best for your child.

Finalize Accommodations Suiting to Your Needs

When hunting for accommodation facilities, go ahead with a child-friendly hotel with spacious rooms and amenities that a child might require. Also, ensure that you have enough space and a clean ambiance to help your child feel refreshed. A noisy environment might make them a little succumbed and might also spoil your night’s sleep.

Try to follow the daily routine.

The most challenging part is maintaining the routine to make your toddler feel the same consistency in life. And this is very necessary to form and sustain healthy habits for your toddler and have a constant lifestyle for yourself. Although you might not be able to practice everything the same way, try to have your meals according to the routine, go for a walk like you used to, sleep for sufficient hours and spend quality time with your toddler.

Prepare Your Toddler for new experiences

Generally speaking, traveling can make your toddler a much more exploring and confident personality in years to come. Please focus on the good values that they can grab from every journey. Above all, teach them the value of accepting and imbibing the newness of every city or country you travel to. Ask them what all they found and explored in the novel setup away from their day-to-day lives. This includes having new sceneries to enjoy, new food items to taste, and new cultural habits to witness.

Be Flexible

Be flexible during the trip and stay ready for every challenge that may come up. No matter how prepared, Toddlers often goof up because they are too young to understand what is coming. Just as every travel is new for you, it is much more new to them. Be calm and compassionate, and make them feel they’re secure. Stay prepared with some extra utilities that you might have to carry along. Even if your toddler wants breastfeeding or a change of clothes & diapers in the middle of a journey, make sure they are comforted with love. Be flexible enough to provide them nourishment when they are in dire need of it. Always have a Plan B to fulfill such demands of your little one.

Prepare the baby for the travel

Before you bring any new changes into the life of a toddler, it’s always better to introduce them to this transition first. Talk to your baby and give them directions days before your travel is scheduled. Communicate with them through whatever language of love and comfort you use. Please keep them in suspense and provide them opportunities to be excited about what they will experience.

Take along a comfortable stroller

Traveling with a toddler might demand you to take your baby by walking around. Keeping them in your arms and then strolling around might make you impatient and weary. To avoid such problems, carry with yourself a stroller at all times. Various strollers are portable and foldable. So, go ahead and shop the best you can to provide yourself and your baby peace of mind while traveling.

A Toy or Item they relate to

While traveling to new places, there is a chance that your child suddenly starts to feel alone. In such a situation, a toy or an item they relate to the most can help. If you are carrying a toy or any other item your child is familiar with, it can help lessen the feeling of foreignness. You can keep them engaged in the same item for some time or soothe them with the same.

Try your best to stay calm

Most of the time, situations are not as big as they become due to our panic and anxiety. We often forget that life might surprise us at points, but ultimately, we are in charge. So, it is really important to stay relaxed and not panic. Be patient and exercise activities that make you feel calm, such as meditating, deep breathing, or just relaxing with your eyes closed for a while.


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