Are The English-Speaking Apps At All Necessary For Kids?


“Human being is a social animals.” We are called social animals instead of just an animal, because of some of the key traits, which are not available in other animals. One of those traits is communication skills or interpersonal skills. We human beings speak more than 7000 different languages on earth. Some of the major spoken languages are English, French, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, etc. English is the most spoken language, including more than 1130 million speakers.


Since it has now become an international language, it should be learned. In the early days, only the rich and the novel families of the non-English spoken county, send their children to English medium school for a better understanding of the language as well as for maintaining their status in the society. At present, English speaking for kids is easy with the help of an app.

Children should learn to speak English for a better future. It will look a bit exaggerated, but speaking English has its own set of benefits. With the help of English-speaking apps, learning English is very simple and easy.

Let us highlight them in an orderly manner :


cost is an important factor in every respect. Learning to speak English from the app is much cheaper than spoken English classes from a private tutor. There is time, allotted in private schools, but in an app, we can learn to speak English at any time of our convenience.

Audiovisual method:

it is scientifically proven that the audio-visual method of learning is a more efficient and effective method of learning. It has paved the way, for the rise in Edtech platforms. Especially, for children learning English should be done differently, so that the children will not be bored learning English. These English-speaking apps help children learn English in a playful manner, where the kids are eager to play games while learning English.

Time friendly:

time is an important aspect of everyone’s life. It is said, the time which is wasted is wasted forever, and it will never return. So we should utilize time effectively. We are busy in our personal and private life, so we can spend very little time with our children to help them learn English. These English-speaking apps help our children to learn English at any time.

Future preparations:

it should be noted, that English is an international language spoken in every country. Parents are generally concerned about their children’s future. Spoken English skills will help children when they lead a life of themselves. So, these apps help children to have a sound foundation in their English speaking abilities.

Other advantages:

apart from these benefits, other advantages need to be highlighted. Learning to speak English will help children to have a good grasp of grammar and tens. It will help the children to eclipse their phobia of speaking English. It helps children to effectively learn English with the help of tools of conversation practice. In addition to these, these apps are user-friendly. They have an easy communication interface so that they can be easily accessible to both kids and their parents.


As the most popularly spoken language, English should be learned. Keeping the future of the kids in mind parents should pursue their kids in learning to speak English. Some of the best English-speaking apps for kids are Fun English, Booker class, etc.


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