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Jai Madaan has been making headlines for past few years and for good reasons in astrology career. She is a marvelous astrologer who have bagged down many shows on Television channels like Times of India are giving slots to her for shows like Lifeline with Jai Madaan. She is also cutting the dash as good public orator for inspiring people to live a good life. Dr. Jai Madaan has everything in her life to live it happily be it fame or beauty or money for that matter. Here we will discuss every minute detail about her to cover every nitty gritty of Jai Madaan’s life.

Source: Jai Madaan (@jaimadan) / Twitter

Who is Jai Madaan?

The name needs no introduction Jai Madaan is a celebrity in India and abroad who is well known for her Astrology skills and motivating oration in public. Born in Delhi she is an alumni of Miranda House College, Delhi where she pursued her masters in philosophy. Madaan with her daughter Arna is very active on social media as well and have millions of fans who are chasing her for her astrology skills.

Jai Madaan Age

There is a famous saying which we come across every day that age is just a number and we can say the same for Jai Madaan age as well. This is because Jai Madaan has not revealed her age so far on social platform or any other online platform we can say. She looks quite young and bear a charming smile on her face always.

Source: Jai Madaan (@jaimadan) / Twitter

Name of Jai Madaan Husband

A very little or no information is available about Jai Madaan husband as she is not very social for sharing her personal details. So we cannot make affirm statements about the name of her husband. But according to some sources internet claims that her husband name is Ankur Madaan and they have a daughter Arna who is a teenager now. This is maximum what is known about the Jai Madaan spouse for the followers of Jai Madaan on social media or any other such platforms.

Dr. Jai Madaan Astrologer Age when she started career in Astrology

If you are curious to know about jai Madaan astrologer age at the time she took a plunge in this field then you will be disappointed again. Many people are eager to know this fact because her daughter has revealed her interest in astrology at a tender age of fourteen. So the audience wants to know whether similar was the case with Jai Madaan or she was sailing on opposite boat. Unfortunately it is not mentioned by the Madaan anywhere about the beginning of her career and she had kept this information a bit private from her fans and followers.

Where does Jai Madaan Family Live?

Jai Madaan’s parents, in-laws and her husband everyone is hidden from the limelight, except her daughter Arna. So we cannot make statements about Jai Madaan family members that who is living in the family with her. She often share pictures with her daughter who is also active in this profession at very young age. Apart from sharing the pictures of her daughter and Jai Madaan herself she hesitate to bring her family to the frontfoot. There might be reasons like separation between personal and professional life behind this act or God knows what.

What do Jai Madaan husband Ankur Madaan do?

So if you have widened your eyes to read what do Jai Madaan husband Ankur Madaan do and whether he is also popular like his wife or not then again you are going to meet the disappointments only. As we have already discussed the reticent nature of Jai Madaan about sharing her personal life on internet this can also be subjected to same scenario. There could be multiple reasons behind it like she is not harmonious with her family or husband or they are not living along each other or might be the reason of keeping the family away from her career.

Who is Jai Madaan Daughter?

The only person about whom Jai Madaan is open to speak and share pictures is Jai Madaan daughter whose name is Arna. There could be multiple reasons behind it like her daughter is also showing her interests in her mother’s profession and that is why Jai Madaan wants to gift a platform to her daughter. More we can say that she is closer to her daughter than any other family member for which she is just sharing the pictures of her daughter Arna only on internet. Arna is very cute just like her mother and gaining the skills of astrology with same zeal as her mother did in past to become a great astrologer.

How to take an Appointment with Jai Madaan?

This is the question that might be boggling many of you to book an appointment with Jai Madaan to ask your queries. Well you can easily get in touch with her on mobile phone by taking appointment for the same as she is not taking calls throughout the day which is very obvious. Her public orations can be followed religiously if you want to attend her and ask queries face to face regarding career, life, family or what not. Apart from it the TV show of Madaan is another means to reaching her for your questions.

Jai Madaan is becoming more and more popular with every day and now people from all over the world are trying to make an appointment with her. If you also in those queue to catch the glimpse of Jai Madaan then you can meet her on famous TV show lifeline with Jai Madaan hosted by Times of India. More she is reachable on phone for certain hours as per her schedule and you can very well contact her on phone from any nook or corner of the world. She is a renowned astrologer and will guide you through a very decent way to get out of your problems through the science of Astrology.

NameJai Madaan
Date of BirthUnknown
Husband NameAnkur Madaan
HometownDelhi, India
SchoolManav Sthali School, New Delhi, India
CollegeMiranda House, Delhi University, India


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