Web Hosting Terms You Must Know Before Choosing One


It is very important that exactly what you want in the hosting service you choose for your website. There are a number of factors and elements you need to consider when selecting a host for the websites. If you do not conduct these inspections, you may end up choosing a poor host for your website, which may damage your entire website. Moreover, with such hosting services, you may have to keep switching from one host to another to find a better one.

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You must get yourself familiar with certain hosting terms and services that will help you decide whether the option you are considering is ideal or not. These terms are basically the services these hosts provide to your websites, and the availability of these services ensures the reliability of the host. You must understand these terms and only choose the host that ensures to provide the services you demand your website.
Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with some of the very important hosting terms that are a must for you to know.

Top 6 Web Hosting Terms You Must Know Before Choosing a Host

It becomes easier for people to choose a hosting service for their website if they have knowledge of certain terms and services. Unfamiliarity with these terms will make it difficult for you to choose a suitable host despite having several options. It becomes impossible or difficult to trust one service if you are unfamiliar with the basic hosting terms.
Below are a few web hosting terms that are a must for you to know before you choose a host for your website.

1. Bandwidth

The bandwidth of the host is the ability of the hosting server to send or receive data in a given period. If the bandwidth of the host you choose is higher, it means that the website hosted by these hosts will be able to transfer or send more data to the users. Having higher bandwidths reduces the request and response time of the website and server. You must hire hosts with higher bandwidths or choose the best web hosting company in Dubai for reliable services with higher bandwidths.

2. Disk space

The disk space refers to how much of your website data your hosting server can store. If the disk space is limited, then you must not go for such a host and look for one with higher disk space. Usually, the hosting services increase the price of the services if they provide enough disk space. These space issues are also higher when you opt for a shared host instead of a dedicated host. If higher disk space is your requirement, then you must avoid shared hosts and go for a dedicated host.

3. Scalability

Scalability of the hosts refers to the load and traffic the hosting service is able to manage and control during peak hours. It is crucial for your host to be scalable and reliable to manage the traffic without causing delay or website failure. No host scalability means that your website will suffer from downtime issues and may not be available for the users.

4. One-click installer

One-click installer is another term that is related to web hosts; it is the ease of installing several other applications and software necessary for your website. While choosing a host, you must make sure that it allows you to add and install various applications to the server so that you can enjoy some extra functionality. You can check for these services and options in the control panel and enable them.

5. Managed and unmanaged services

Before choosing a web host, you need to know whether you want to go for a managed host or an unmanaged host. The names themselves are already clear to understand what they mean, but individuals with zero experience need to know more about these two hosting types. In managed host, you do not have to do most of the tasks and administration activities; rather, the service providers will do it. Whereas, with unmanaged hosts, you get more control over the server but have to deal with all the technicalities on your own without any support.

6. Uptime and downtime scores

One of the most important web hosting terms that could increase or decrease the availability of your website is the Uptime and downtime scores. The uptime score refers to the amount of time your website will be available for the users. Whereas downtime is the time, your website will be unavailable for the users. You must make sure the services provided by the host ensure the website uptime and decrease the downtime. You can also hire the best web hosting companies in Dubai like HostingMENAto enjoy higher website uptime and availability, thus managing traffic easily.

Are you looking for a web host?

If you are looking for quality hosting services, then you need to make sure the host is providing you with all the above-mentioned features. A host lacking any of these points and features will not provide you with quality services. So, make sure to opt for a hosting service that is reliable and secure while providing all the required benefits without charging you extra.


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