The Never-Before-Told Tale of Captain D’s


With over 500 locations in over 20 states, you are certain to see Captain D at some point in your life. Even though Captain D’s Family Diner, which specializes in seafood, was founded in 1969, it continues to expand fast throughout the United States.

The Number One Seafood Franchise Restaurant


Captain D’s Family Dinner announced in 2020 that their brand had been crowned the top seafood franchise restaurant for the year by QSR Magazine, based on system-wide sales of $562 million and yearly unit volume of $1.5 million.
Long John Silver’s and other large seafood fast-casual eateries are far behind. Captain D’s was designated one of the Top 15 Fast Food Contenders to Watch by QSR Magazine as the country’s top fast-casual fish brand.

Captain D’s Military Sites Worldwide

Captain D’s restaurants at military bases around the world managed to make so much money despite the pandemic that destroyed several of their establishments.
Captain D’s Family Dinner looks to have no intention of slowing down, with plans to introduce a brand-new restaurant concept in late 2020 that may keep the firm functioning for a long time. However, we may be getting ahead of ourselves.

Mr. D’s Original

Danner Foods, Inc. of Nashville launched the first Captain D’s Family Dinner restaurant on August 15, 1969, in Donelson, Tennessee (under the name Captain D’s). Danner Foods was already well-known in the Southeast for its chain of Big Boy eateries.
As a result, Danner Foods opened Mr. D’s in the late 1960s, essentially as an extension of the Danner Foods brand and a new seafood restaurant.

Initiation of the Redesign

It is not surprising that the restaurant concept survived its original rebranding in 1997 when the name was changed to Captain D’s because this Captain D’s Family Dinner precursor had the necessary financing and management to ensure its success from the beginning.

Captain D’s Original Appearance Was Very Distinct

Even though Mr. D’s started out as a seafood place, it wasn’t at all like the Captain D’s restaurants of today. First of all, the full name of the chain was Mr. D’s Seafood and Hamburgers, and as the name Captain’s D’s shows, the specialty was still seafood on a budget.

But, as the original name might have suggested, the menu also had food that wasn’t seafood, like those hamburgers, which you won’t find on a Captain D’s menu anymore.

The Exterior And Interior Design Of Restaurants

Unique restaurant theme. Despite the smiling chef on the sign, the restaurant’s outside and interior didn’t have a seafood shack vibe. Everything resembled it belonged in a 1970s family-style restaurant, with brown tiles, wood-paneled walls, and family-style eating tables.

Dishes Prepared in Our Kitchen

Discover our broad Captain D’s Family Dinner menu of classic seafood dishes, including our famed Batter-Dipped Fish. You’re guaranteed to find a meal you love at a price you love with our distinctive Full Meal Deals, meticulously designed by our Chef and cooked fresh for you to order. Let’s get started!

Fish and shrimp together

Served with hush puppies and your choice of beverage, the Captain D’s Family Dinner has a piece of our famous batter-dipped fish and six pieces of our crispy Butterfly shrimp.

A mix of Catfish and Shrimp in One Serving

One piece of superior catfish, hand-breaded with Southern-style breading and fried to golden perfection, served with six Butterfly shrimp, your choice of side, hush puppies, and a refreshing beverage.

A mix of Flounder and Shrimp in One Dish

One piece of delicate flounder, hand-breaded with our Southern Style breading, then fried to golden perfection, served with six pieces of crispy butterfly shrimp, your choice of side, hush puppies, and a beverage that is refreshing.

Celebration With Catfish

Catfish fillets that have been hand-breaded, served with hush puppies, and your choice of three sides.

Catfish Set of Two Pieces

Catfish that is flaky and cooked to perfection, along with two sides and hush puppies that have been hand-breaded in our signature southern-style breading.

White Fish Prepared in the Manner of the South

One large white fish fillet is prepared in a Southern-style breading and hand-breaded by the chef served with hush puppies and your choice of two sides.

Grilled White Fish and Shrimp Skewers

Fresh shrimp and flaky white fish are served side by side on a plate with a herb-crusted fillet of shrimp. Served with your choice of two sides and a breadstick on a bed of rice.

Deluxe Seafood Platter

You can choose two sides and two hush puppies to go with your pick of two fish fillets and six shrimp, two seafood stuffed crab shells and two sides.

Make A Funnel Cake With These Stix

The perfect way to round out a meal at Captain D’s is with some sweet and scrumptious funnel cake Stix. They’re a take on a classic state fair staple in an easy-to-share portion with Captain D’s Coupons discounts on your favourite offers.


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