Is It Beneficial to Have Add-Ons in Health or Personal Accident Insurance?


Having proficient health insurance offers you beneficial coverage in times of need. But, if you are looking for extra protection or specified cover, the add-ons are what you need to pay attention to. Be it any health insurance plan, you can always opt for add-ons with a little extra amount along with your premiums. You can buy add-on covers according to your requirements to make your personal accident insurance more comprehensive. There are various add-ons like Maternity cover, accident cover, critical illness cover, treatment cost waiver, etc. offered by popular insurers like Bajaj Allianz and many more.

Is It Beneficial to Have Add-Ons in Health or Personal Accident Insurance

You might be sceptical about the returns you get on opting for add-ons. Given below are some of the add-on benefits that you may receive if you choose to invest in it. Keep reading to know more!

1. Residence or Vehicle Conversion:

It is an add-on to personal accident insurance where if the policyholders want, they could get coverage for the expenses towards the conversion of the insured person’s vehicle or residence. This specific add-on is quite unpopular, so you might want to check with your insurance provider before opting for it.

2. Educational Grant:

It benefits the policyholder’s children because they can get an educational cover in case of unfortunate death or total disability after an accident. However, the policyholder must pay an extra premium to get this add-on along with their health insurance or personal accident insurance.

3. Travel and Transportation Expenses:

You can easily add this plan to your personal accident insurance, the insurer pays the travel expenses to the policyholder’s kin in case of death.

4. Blood Purchases:

In case of accidents, the add-on benefit includes the expenses borne by the insurer on purchasing blood from the Government approved hospital or blood bank. Having a specific add-on to your health insurance plans will help a lot.

5. Imported Medicines Transportation:

The expenses related to the imported medicine transportation also come under the add-on benefits. However, the insured must pay an additional amount to avail of the perks.

6. Hospital Cash Benefit:

If you opt for a specific add-on that hospital cash benefit along with your personal accident insurance, the insured may avail of the accidental hospitalization cash benefits for each day up to a specified limit. However, it is only for a few days.

7. Domiciliary benefit:

In some accident cases, doctors recommend a personal attendant at the patient’s residence immediately after getting discharged from the hospital. This is also covered by the add-ons. Thus, the insured may pay an extra premium to get the benefits.

8. Mortal Remains Transportation:

In the case of personal accident insurance, if the insured dies, the nominee would receive the transportation expenses of the deceased person to the home, cremation ground, or hospital. The insurer may complement the cremation ceremony expenses.

9. Room Rent Waiver:

In standard health insurance plans, hospital room rents have certain limits. When the insured add-on a room rent waiver, it either increases or no limit gets imposed.
For instance, the standard health insurance plans cap the room rent limit at Rs. 1,500 per night. Anyone would find it inadequate to meet the room rent expenses. Thus, the policyholder takes a room rent waiver and increases the sub-limit to Rs. 4,000 per night.

10. Maternity Cover:

In some health insurance plans, the policyholder can add maternity cover expenses. Here the insured will receive all the costs incurred during pregnancy and childbirth. Some insurance policies also provide a child’s expenses coverage up to the policy’s maturity period or up to three months.

11. Hospital Cash Cover:

Under these health insurance plans; the insured will get a daily cash subsidy for the period he gets hospitalized. The insured individual must get hospitalized for 24 hours or one day to receive the allowance. It provides to compensate for the pay loss during hospitalization and utilizes to meet necessary expenses such as conveyance, food, etc.

12. Critical Illness Cover:

Under this add-on in the health insurance plans, insurance companies provide a lump-sum amount to the insured if they get diagnosed with any critical illness.

For instance, if you have health insurance with a sum of 5 lakh rupees, you may have a critical illness add-on, offering 15 lakh rupees.

13. Zone Upgrade:

The insured can avail of higher financial coverage treatments in different city zones with a zonal upgrade benefit on health insurance plans. The add-on allows for the disparity in treatment costs across different zones and regions with a slightly higher premium. However, it offers premium savings of 10% to 20%.

No matter whether you choose regular health insurance or personal accident insurance, there are a variety of add-ons you can opt for. Identify your requirements and choose the plan wisely.


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