Brain Awareness Facts: Maintaining Optimal Brain Health Throughout Life


People are aware of how important it is to maintain good body health, but few understand how critical it is to take care of the brain throughout life. The causes that trigger brain cancer are still not well understood. However, science and medicine have discovered some factors that promote good brain health and therefore the possibility of preventing a brain tumor. Here are some brain awareness facts to take better care of the most important organ.

brain tumour

  • Eating healthy foods prevents brain cancer. The key is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables throughout your life, especially in childhood. If you did not have a healthy diet as a child, you can pick up this habit as an adult, which will also be effective. Avoiding foods with cholesterol takes care of brain health.
  • Harmful habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol in excess or the consumption of illegal substances are conducive to brain cancer. If you want to take your brain health seriously, you should always avoid those bad habits. These harmful elements could trigger cancer in the lungs or liver, among other organs. This type of cancer can spread to the brain, which is potentially fatal.
  • Being exposed to radiation is conducive to the development of a brain tumour. As far as possible you should avoid exposing yourself to any type of radiation. If you live near a factory that emits harmful radiation you should stay away from that place even if it is difficult for you. Many brain cancer victims have become ill because of harmful radiation.
  • A brain tumor detected early is easier to fight. Visit your doctor regularly. He will give you a general physical examination to determine your state of health. If he notices anything abnormal in your brain, he will be able to guide you to appropriate treatment.
  • Advanced age is a determining factor in the development of brain cancer. That means that the older you are, the more likely you are to suffer a brain tumor. Obviously, this will never happen if you maintain a healthy lifestyle at all stages of your development.
  • Continuous use of cell phones has not been proven to cause brain cancer. During the last few years, it has become popular to believe that cell phones can cause brain tumours. So far this has not been proven, but you can limit the use of these devices if you have doubts about it.
  • Brain cancer has a variable survival rate depending on the case. There is a widespread belief that if an individual has a brain tumour, he will die very soon. That is not exactly true. Some types of brain tumours are highly treatable, while others are potentially dangerous.
  • Physical activity reduces the risk of getting brain cancer. Activities such as walking or running keep the brain in optimal shape, thus reducing the chances of developing a brain tumour. Physical activity must be done throughout the year to be truly effective. Both training and practising a particular sport directly benefit the brain, keeping it healthy throughout life.


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