8 Signs That You Need Iron Test


Iron deficiency is a severe condition during which your body doesn’t get enough iron to make hemoglobin and ship oxygen to each vital organ of the body. This is a pretty frustrating and risky concern for the victim. If proper treatment is not taken on time, the odds of developing anemia increase. Many people on vegan diets found liquid iron supplements pretty efficacious in boosting iron levels. Recognizing the critical signs of iron deficiency is indispensable to preventing future health problems.

Some pharmaceutical brands like Novaferrum, Pharmacist, and Cipla offer high-quality liquid iron alternatives. Their products are made of pure ingredients and donot cause any side effects. The primary step to take to identify low iron levels involves testing. This guide highlights possible signs indicating that you need an iron test.

Need Iron Test

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1. Excessive Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the first symptoms to appear when you have low iron levels. You might feel tired all the time, or you could get so tired during certain activities (such as exercise) that you feel like you need to take a break. If this is the case, it’s time to visit your doctor and ask for a blood test to check your iron levels.

2. Pale Skin & Eyes

If you have pale skin and/or dark circles under your eyes, then it’s likely that your iron levels have dropped below normal. This can happen if you don’t get enough iron in your diet or suffer from anemia (a condition where red blood cells don’t carry enough oxygen). When this happens, it can make you look older than your actual age and cause other symptoms like headaches and dizziness.

3. Breathlessness

In some cases, iron deficiency can lead to breathlessness when you exert yourself physically or become overheated. This can signify that your lungs are not getting enough oxygen and air into them when you work out or exercise vigorously outdoors during hot weather. In such a condition, start taking iron-loaded foods and liquid iron supplements.

4. Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations are a common symptom of an iron deficiency. They may happen when you’re standing up or sitting down, which can be a sign that your heart is working harder than usual. They usually go away when you rest and relax, but consult your doctor if you have more than one episode a day.

5. Regular Headaches

Headaches are also common signs of anemia. The headache may be triggered by stress or anxiety, but it can occur without any known trigger. If your headaches aren’t related to stress or anxiety, see your doctor to rule out other causes such as migraine headaches (triggered by changes in blood flow to the brain), sinusitis (sinus inflammation) or high blood pressure.

6. Dry Skin & Hair

Dry skin and hair are common signs of anemia. If you have dry skin or hair, it’s essential to look at what’s causing it and ensure you’re taking in enough nutrients from food sources such as dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds. Consider taking a supplement if your hair is falling out too much or your skin is getting flaky or dry.

7. Restless Leg

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a typical side effect of a lack of iron. Iron helps the body to produce energy. Low levels of iron can cause restless leg syndrome, which causes a sensation of uncomfortable or painful tingling and pins and needles in the legs that can wake you up at night. Side effects can happen in various ways. Some people get this feeling when they’re awake, while others only have it when they’re asleep. It’s more common in women than men and in people with low blood pressure or certain other conditions that affect blood flow through the body.

8. Swelled Tongue

If you have an enlarged tongue, it could be a sign of iron deficiency anemia. The condition develops when too little oxygen reaches your brain due to a lack of red blood cells or hemoglobin in your body. You may notice this because your tongue feels swollen or soft, though you might not be aware that something is wrong until someone points it out!

The Bottom Line-:

These are some crucial signs of iron deficiency that should not be ignored. After realizing the symptoms, go for a lab test and take liquid iron supplements.


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