5 Tips to Stop Nervous Breakdown in Board Exams


Board exams bring a lot of stress, pressure, anxiety, and a nightmare to students as they approach near to the final exams. As a result which performance of the students gets affected under this stress, and they fail to show their knowledge in the right way to the examiner in the manuscript. Here are the top five tips that can help students cope with negative emotions like stress and anxiety and nervous breakdowns during this challenging time. If you are also going to write a board exam this year, go through these tips very carefully and soak them within you to perform well in your exam.

Do not go sleepless and insomniac

Sleep is the most significant aspect that you cannot ignore during exams; some students spend sleepless insomniac nights during exams under stress. Others find it handsome to study during the previous exam night, which is the biggest blunder. So make sure that you are not skipping your Sleep during the exam as it will put you under excessive anxiety and nervous breakdown eventually.

Finish your revisions before two days of the exam

Do not let the syllabus be revised on the last day of the exam as it would not help you much, and you will be screwed up in the exam in such a scenario. Just make sure that you can complete your revision for the exam on time. For this purpose, you can start away long before the exam so that the syllabus can be revised twice or thrice and give you more confidence about the concepts and their clarity.

Meditation and workouts will help to combat exam stress

Do not skip your routine exercise and meditation during exams, and it will help you feel more energetic and fresh to read more and revise more. Exercise and brisk walks are beneficial to beat your nervous breakdown due to exams as they help to put a new aura in the body, and you forget about your worries due to the workout you are doing during this crucial time of your life.

Do not skip meals during exams

Food is the most significant partner for students, especially for their exams, and you cannot say no to food at this stage. Take proper meal and snacks as a happy human do, and do not just keep on ignoring the food by taking the excuse of studying or stress because skipping food is nowhere going to help you score high in the exam. Parents should also be extra conscious about their kids’ food during this stage when children are not able to take their meal for the day in a proper routine.

Be positive and ignore the negative buzz

During exam time, you will listen to so many tongues that will spread negative things and make you scared. When you are supposed to show complete positivism in your soul, body, and behavior, ignore those people around you who do not have a positive attitude towards things and do not indulge yourself in debates in school groups that talk absurd things like the exam are going to be very tough, and marking will also be tight.

If you check the above points, there are high chances that you will achieve success in your board exams and combat the fear of exams. Board exams are nothing more or less than your regular internal exams, and the syllabus will be from your books only. So if you have studied well during the year, it is not a new deal for you to crack this exam with flying colors. Do not listen to negative minds and follow your instincts and a regular study plan.


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