The Sympathy of Flowers: Why We Give Them on Funerals


At a funeral, flowers are often given out to family members and friends of the deceased as a way to comfort them during their time of mourning. But why are they so often given at funerals? Why do we associate them with death? Flowers have been associated with funerals since ancient times, but it’s not clear exactly why this was originally the case. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why flowers became such an important part of the grieving process in the past and continue to be today.

Sympathy of Flowers

A short history of why flowers were chosen as the gift

No one knows for sure when or why the tradition of giving flowers began, but there are a few theories. One popular idea is that flowers were originally given as a way to mask the smell of death. Another is that they were seen as a symbol of new life and hope in the midst of mourning. The custom may have come from ancient Egyptian culture, where it was customary to present flowers at funerals. Yet another theory is that people give them because they wish their loved ones peace and happiness in heaven. Whatever the origin of this tradition, it has endured across centuries and cultures, becoming an international symbol of sympathy with mourners everywhere.

Deciding what kind of bouquet you should give from Flower shop Hockessin DE

When it comes to giving a bouquet for a funeral, there are many factors to consider while buying it from Hockessin DE Florist. The type of flowers, the color of the flowers, and the size of the bouquet are all important things to think about. Here are a few tips to help you decide what kind of bouquet to give. The first thing to do is figure out who will be in attendance at the funeral. If they have allergies or if certain flowers aren’t available in their area, it’s best not to bring them with you. Next, find out if the person was loved by everyone at the funeral or not. If they were well-liked by all attendees, it might be better to bring something more colorful than if they weren’t as well-liked by everyone.

Writing condolence notes

When a loved one dies, it’s natural to want to do something to express your condolences. For many people, that means sending a sympathy card with funeral flowers delivered to Hockessin DE. But what do you say in a condolence note? Here are a few tips. Write from the heart, but avoid being overly emotional or maudlin. Include words that show understanding and empathy for the bereaved person’s situation. And if you have children who might read the note someday, be sure to use appropriate language. Finally, sign off with an expression of hope for their future happiness and well-being.

While the tradition of giving flowers at funerals may not have a definitive origin, we continue to do it because flowers are a natural way to express sympathy. They brighten up an otherwise somber occasion and provide comfort to the grieving. If you’re looking for a reliable Sympathy Flowers delivery Hockessin DE for your next funeral, try Wanners.


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