Is Time Really a Concern in Learning Spoken English?


I have seen many people asking this question to everyone beat their teacher, practice partner anyone so ever is concerned with their learning of the language. Do you really think that you can learn a language in a stipulated time when you just have begun to learn it? Today we are going to discuss how long it would take you to learn spoken English since the very beginning or we can say from the scratch.

How long it could take you to learn the English language?

Basically, every single person has a different level of skill set, which makes the learning process different for everyone in various aspects; how long it is going to take you, how much you are going to understand from it, et cetera. It is not only about the learner; the results depend on the process that you take help to learn English. let’s see the different ways of learning English and the time period that they take for you to become a good English speaker.

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Different ways of learning English

Grammar and exercise

I was learning English, I had to learn all the rules in order that I could make several sentences to express myself because I had that lack of environment which is required to practice a language and there was no option of creating it when all of your friends are interested in everything but this language having a solid antipathy reasoned by the lack of willingness and the fear of being incorrect. So, I learn spoken English the hard way; learning how to make a sentence and practicing by writing several examples on it and then just communicating them to none other than my teacher who would occasionally communicate and encourage me. And to be honest it took me 4 years still I was not so confident with the least practice that I had of speaking that language. There is a reason when you learn the grammar you are not able to learn how to speak that language and that is grammar itself. Grammar was just meant to help you express your thoughts in a way others understood them without any misconception or misunderstanding of another meaning that your words could suggest.

Communication and books:

This is one of the best ways to learn a language, as far as I experienced my opinion would be this. Reading and talking to others are all you do when you learn a language or when you have learnt a language. Language is just a medium that helps you communicate with the other person or people whosoever you wish to communicate with. The mediums can be numerous and English is one of the thousands of languages in this world, which are a part of verbal communication. Whenever you talk even if you don’t know what to say exactly to be correct if the listener understands, I am sure that he is going to help you understand the language and communicate with him or her. When you read books, you are actually looking at the sentences that you can speak so you are getting the material and you just have to give your sound to the words that are written in that book and you will be practising spoken English.

Join an institution or online spoken English course

If you are not sure that you can learn English without creating that environment, you should join an institution that teaches spoken English. You can choose to learn online from your home which is going to give you the benefit of learning anytime and anywhere.

YouTube has become one of the best applications that have been developed so far. It is not because of the user interface or the making money factor of it rather it is actually a platform for every person. It does not matter what you do at the end of the day you are going to find a video that is going to entertain you be it educational, informative, entertaining, pass time, et cetera. You can find a lot of creators teaching several things, but the hardest part of it is to find the best one amongst all of them. I will tell you about the creator who taught me how to speak English on YouTube. Here is one of the videos, that you might find interesting, from his channel.


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