Top Webinar Ideas to Implement in Your Next Event


The typical webinar format is probably something you’re already used to. Traditional webinars might last anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes. Usually, this is all the time you’ll need to engage your audience and respond to their queries. Additionally, this time limit is brief enough to keep interest levels high and attention spans intact. The one piece of advice that goes right here is scheduling them for the middle of the week and inviting one to two speakers.

An excellent technique to stimulate interest and engage your audience is to mix up your webinar plan. Because of this, we have some of the best interactive webinar ideas that you may use to spice things up. Take all this information into consideration by using an online webinar platform or webinar service that offers a huge range of features.

Top Webinar Ideas to Implement in Your Next Event

Create Short Webinars

Some companies regularly hold short webinars. Intercom even offers one-minute webinars in which they walk their audience through a new feature. To add to the entertainment, they put a countdown timer at the bottom of the screen. When organising a webinar in the future, think about producing a number of brief videos. In a short period of time, you can go into great detail about one particular subject. Although you’re not required to keep them as brief as Intercom does, you can certainly try!

If you’re not ready to go that far, we advise keeping the webinars to no longer than 15-20 minutes. You can play around a little to see what works best for your audience (and don’t forget to use intriguing webinar titles!). Can’t think of anything to omit from your webinar’s agenda? Skip the introduction at the start and get right to the point of your webinar. Your audience will surely like and appreciate the extra efficiency.

Create a Quiz show

Making a quiz show out of your webinar format might be a great way to interact with your visitors. During your webinar, you might schedule a number of polls to be taken if your event live streaming services include them. Your audience can then respond to your polls, and you can have a real-time discussion about the results. Alternatively, test your audience by using the question and answer portion of your webinar. It would be really wonderful if you gave the participants prizes. For example, anyone whoresponsescorrectly can win any gift or goodies.

Moderate a Q&A webinar

Q&A webinars are a tried-and-true method of interacting with users directly while addressing any questions or concerns from leads. Ensure the host of your Q&A webinar is an authority on the subject to ensure its success. The more exposure they have to your users and product, the better. Incorporating Q&A in the webinar can be helpful. Furthermore, it will be interesting to be able to put a face (and a personality) to a name if they frequently communicate with your users.

Host an Expert Panel

Make a selection of pertinent speakers and decision-makers who can serve on the panel. The conversations will be more fruitful if there are more varied points of view. So make an effort to assemble individuals with diverse backgrounds and occupations. The scheduling of everyone will be the most challenging aspect of holding an expert panel. Following that, you must create an outline for the conversation that includes the speakers’ order, the subject, and any preliminary research you have done making it a good educational webinar. Try to gather the group for a practice session so you can determine how much time should be allotted for speaking.

Tell a Story

People love stories. Instead of giving a dry introduction the next time you host a webinar, tell a story. Your audience will be hooked and be more able to relate to you as a result. There is no issue if you are not the type to overshare. It’s not necessary for your story to be based on your own experiences. Share the professional experiences you’ve had and how you overcame the problems. Alternatively, ask a client to share their expertise. If your product was able to benefit them in any way, this strategy earns bonus points.

Create a Paid Webinar Series

Paid webinar series is fantastic if you want to provide insider information or unique experiences. Paid webinars are created for premium content and are intended to benefit your audience. When you wish to provide advanced training to a devoted following, use them. Even designing online courses and providing certifications are options. It seems to be the reason that people would be interested in attending your creative webinars if your content is of a high calibre, is pertinent to your market, and has authority in that sector. Also, you can provide your normal webinar as an on-demand webinar and that too as paid subscription.

Choose a Theme (holiday etc)

Although this webinar idea leans more toward the ridiculous, it can be a great way to mix things up. Choose a theme and follow the topic. Make use of a festive calendar and your imagination. With the help of backdrops and props, you can find ways to incorporate your theme into your topic. Even office pets could be included!

Add Music

For the final suggestion on our list of webinar possibilities, we were inspired by podcasts. Music can be added to your webinar throughout transitions and introductions to lighten the tone and keep viewers engaged. Stick to 10-minute sound chunks when playing popular music to comply with copyright regulations. Utilising free music that can be obtained on Soundcloud using particular search criteria would be preferable. Avoid listening to streaming music on speakers because the sound will be distorted and of poor quality. As an alternative, you might incorporate your music right into the virtual webinar platform.


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