7 Logo Design Trends You Need to Know About in 2023


When it comes to the changes that the design community is about to undergo, they are both unpredictable and unexpected. Things that were once considered worn have resurfaced with renewed vigor. Retro designs are getting a new lease on life thanks to adding artistic elements. Those thinking about starting a business or rebranding their company should remember that now is the best time to see the latest logo design UK trends. You should all have your notes ready to fill by now. So, let’s get started on logo design trends for 2023.

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Top 7 logo Design Trends

While some tried-and-true logo design approaches, there will also be plenty of room for innovation. Here are ten logo design styles that have taken center stage this year, from adding show-stoppers like glitch effects and animation to going for an old-school look.

1- Glitch logos

Glitch art is a form of art that creates a ‘glitch’ aesthetic by intentionally (or sometimes unintentionally) introducing digital or analog errors. Glitch Art, in general, appears to be on the rise, with digital distortions providing a unique edge that is both retro and futuristic.
The glitch effect is having a moment in logo design trends, especially for young brands, now that the 1990s are far enough away to be making a comeback. The most obvious example is the TikTok logo, which uses a glitch effect to complement the brand’s visual and performative feel. The overlapping colors evoke television static as well as misprinting’s homemade flaws.

2- Blurred logos

Isn’t it true that you should be able to read the text on a logo?
Designers will experiment with blur effects to emphasize fluidity and movement rather than focusing solely on readability in 2023, so that will be a much lower priority.
Only the edges of the letters could be blurred, leaving the main body of the word visible. Alternatively, you could pair the blue logo with a printed version of the brand name to give the reader a complete picture of your brand identity. Adding a blur effect to your logo is both captivating and memorable and allows you to incorporate animation.

3- Stretched and continuous lettering

In 2023 logo design trends, we’ll see more distortion than just blurred logos. Designers are experimenting with stretched and continuous lettering for a limitless, infinite look and feel.
When a logo emphasizes a letter by stretching or distorting it, you’ll often notice that the logo title’s pronunciation emphasizes the same letter or sound. You could also distort letters in a logo to represent the main product or service of the company.

4- Gradients are getting momentum.

Gradients are not a new concept in the design field. For the past few years, gradients have consistently been present in design trends, particularly in logo design. A gradient is a design feature that emphasizes color contrast and creates a unique look by blending colors.
Smartphones are an excellent example of 3D gradients; nowadays, one cannot imagine life without them. They will continue to lead in design trends in the future because they make simple objects appear complex.
Gradients allow designers to experiment with shades and create quick solutions. They can range from blending multiple colors or shades to monochromic schemes

.5- B&W is never out of the trend

Black and white, also known as B&W, is a color combination that has the ability to control the minds of viewers. The pairing of these two colors isn’t going out of style any time soon. The design trends of 2023, on the other hand, have happily embraced complementary color schemes, but black and white have retained their allure until now.

What better way to see the beauty of black and white logos than to look at one of the most popular brand’s own logos? Apple! This combination reflects your logo’s simply classic and aesthetic appearance.

6- Clearer fonts

Decluttering is good for the soul and even better for rebranding. Simplicity never goes out of style, and a simple, easy-to-read logo will cut through the clutter and help you stand out.

Using a clearer font has the added benefit of being more easily scaled and adjusted to fit a variety of situations, and you can be sure it will be more readable across devices with different screen sizes. Google is a good example of a company that has chosen a simple font. The tech behemoth’s text-based logo has been simplified over the years.

7- 3D logos:

The 3D logos are the only thing that can provide instant visual appeal. Because of their ability to accomplish more with less, 3D logos are all the rage.

Beveled layouts with subtle gradience, blurriness, and intelligent color combinations can dramatically alter your brand image. It has a direct impact on the attention of users and improves your online presence.


Do you like what you see when you look at the logo design trends that we expect to see in 2023? That’s right!
A lot of nostalgia from various decades and art styles will be on display. Look to the past for logo design inspiration. Consider what has worked in the past and what has elicited the emotions you want in your new design. Then, for 2023, find a way to reimagine it, whether by stretching, blurring, animating, or simply changing the color palette.


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