Here’s How Cold Weather Is Good For Your Skin?


When we think about winters, what comes to mind is dry hands, flaky skin, red cheeks, and of course, chapped lips. Winters basically remind us of many irritating skin conditions caused by colder temperatures.

However, winter weather isn’t all bad. There are some perks to those dark, chilly nights, biting winds, and cooler temperatures. Winter can help your skin in more ways than you realize, provided that you combine it with a natural skincare routine of your own.

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How Is Cold Weather Good For Your Skin?

Below-given are some ways how these winter months can benefit your complexion:

  • It Can Help You Sleep Better

A good night’s sleep is essential and beneficial for health and skin. Proper sleep makes you active, from decreasing under-eye circles to giving you a radiant complexion. As a general rule, when we lay down, our bodies cool down. The cool temperature matches our body’s natural decrease in temperature, which happens about two hours after we fall asleep.
Most sleep scientists believe that slightly cold environments lead to good sleep and, therefore, better and lively skin.

  • Cold Weather Helps Clean Your Pores

Cold temperatures can work as a natural remedy on your skin, decreasing clogged pores and making them less noticeable. It also slows down and prevents sebum production, which waterproofs the skin, minimizing oily skin and reducing acne.

  • It May Help Burn Your Body Fat

Cold weather helps make a significant impact on your overall appearance. When we’re outside in the cold, our bodies shiver and use a substantial amount of energy to keep us warm, causing us to burn extra calories.

  • It Keeps You Looking Younger

Cold weather helps improve complexion and rejuvenates your skin. In a way, it delays the aging process.

Cold temperature, like cold water, works to refresh your face. When you splash cold water on your face in the morning, it tightens your cuticles and pores, sealing pores in the skin, leading to vibrant and radiant skin.

  • Winter Brings About Better Air Quality

Although winters bring about biting winds, the fresh, crisp air makes this time of year ideal for being outdoors. You can take long walks and deeper breaths of fresh air and rejuvenate your entire body. Or maybe, take a hot bath with a cinnamon soap bar, inhale steam, and clear your nose.

  • It Can Reduce The Risks Of Diseases

Mosquitoes are known to spread various diseases, but during winters, they hibernate. Although catching a cold is still possible in cold weather, you are immune to certain illnesses and viruses that are more common in hot weather. Moreover, the human immune system activates when exposed to the cold, enhancing someone’s ability to fight infections.

  • Colder Temperatures Improve Your Cognitive Functions

Colder temperatures can aid in thinking clearly. The brain requires glucose to function, but when it’s hot, the body consumes more of it to keep its temperature low, leaving less energy for logic and learning.


There’s no doubt that winter can be a little tough on our bodies and overall well-being. But, considering the above-given reasons, it’s safe to say that colder temperatures sure do benefit our skin and well-being in specific ways.

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