Tips to Handle Anxiety of Competitive Examination


Exams are commonly seen as a cause of ‘worry’ among applicants. Many students remark that as soon as they see the exam paper, they forget all they read because they are frightened. A modest amount of fear or anxiety before a test is an excellent motivator. Worry, on the other hand, can produce a general suppression of brain processes if it becomes overpowering and is not channeled into productive activities. Everyone who takes a competitive exam has some level of anxiety or concern. This is normal and necessary in order to be motivated enough just to achieve well. An exam that is competitive Anxiety refers to the excessive uneasiness that some applicants experience before taking a test. We can, however, assist you in overcoming exam anxiety.

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Candidates prepare for tests from their fingertips to their bones. Some people prepare well by self-studying, while others enroll in a reputable coaching facility. So, are you looking to pass the bank exam? If you answered yes, then enroll in a fantastic institute that offers bank coaching in Uttam Nagar. When you begin test preparation, ensure sure nothing is interfering with your desire to pass the exam. Without a doubt, thinking about the exam’s tough competitiveness might make your feet chilly. Exam anxiety, on the other hand, should never interfere with exam preparation. So, have a look at some of the best techniques to deal with test anxiety.

These suggestions will help you overcome test anxiety when studying for competitive exams:

It is critical to overcoming exam anxiety and tension. You will be able to concentrate effortlessly when studying for the exam. Here are a few tips to help you cope with test anxiety.

Relax and Make a Study Schedule that Works For You

To reduce mental tension, it is necessary to first relax and unwind your mind by taking deep breaths. Now, with a clear and stress-free mind, write down your action plan. You must plan your time so that you have enough time to study thoroughly before your exams, as well as time for review sessions. As a result, having a solid timetable allows students to take pauses in between studying sessions, reducing stress and allowing them to make better use of their time. Make sure you create a study strategy that will assist you in passing the challenging exam.

Get Plenty of Rest and Eat Healthily

With a fatigued and worn mind, studying for the exam is quite difficult. So, to minimize weariness, keep your study sessions brief. Also, in your eagerness to study efficiently for the exam, don’t sacrifice your sleep. A total of 7 hours of sleep a night is required each day. It can help your brain work properly. You can also simply focus when studying for the exam.

Furthermore, you must maintain your health while studying for the exam. As a result, consume healthy foods while you’re preparing the meal. We recommend that you avoid unhealthy food while studying for the exam. Additionally, drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. It can assist in the removal of toxins from your body.

Never Make Comparisons to Others

Students frequently call their buddies to discuss examinations (progress, amount of planning, and so on). Many applicants grow worried as they observe their classmates’ progress and achievement. So, focus on your studies and don’t get caught up in what others are doing to prepare for the exam? Begin focused on yourself and properly preparing for the exam.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

When you sit down to prepare for examinations, there will undoubtedly be several distractions. It is critical to eliminate all sources of distraction when preparing for the exam. So, think about what distracts you the most. Is it your smartphone that’s causing the problem? If this is the case, turn off your phone while studying for the exam. It’s also a good reason to stop making phone calls when you’re studying. In the case of an emergency, though, you can answer the phone. This is how you will be able to focus correctly during your study sessions.

Always Maintain a Good Attitude

Throughout the preparation time, you must have a good attitude. So, what is the greatest strategy to maintain a good attitude? By just practicing meditation. Meditation is a transcendent way to reduce stress. If you practice it on a daily basis, it may be really beneficial! As a consequence, your mind and body will be calm and disciplined! If meditating isn’t for you, there are a number of other stress-relieving activities to try. Pursue your leisure activity as an alternative. Set aside sometime each day for stress-relieving exercises. This is how you may maintain a positive attitude while studying for the exam.

Enjoy a Refreshing Nap

When you first begin studying for the exam, you may feel exhausted. When you’re exhausted, you have the option of taking a power nap. Make sure your slumber does not last more than 30 minutes. It may lead to a squander of time. After lunch, the majority of the candidates are fatigued in the afternoon. So, after lunch, you can choose to take a power sleep. It might genuinely help you relax and concentrate better when preparing for the competitive test.

Complete Some Practice Exams

Without taking mock exams, your exam preparation is insufficient. So, when studying for the exam, attempt to complete as many practice exams as feasible. It can help you develop your problem-solving speed and accuracy. It can also help ease anxiety about taking the actual exam.

While studying for the test, you might enroll in a recognized tutoring facility. A good institute would always offer mock tests on a weekly basis. Their professors can assist you in improving your weakest areas. Are you considering taking the SSC exam? If you answered yes, you should begin preparing for the test with the aid of a fantastic institute that offers SSC coaching in Uttam Nagar.


These are some terrific exam-related stress and anxiety-relieving methods you may use. As a result, begin your test preparation with a good attitude. Additionally, when preparing for the exam, stick to a productive timetable.


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