Best Features of Touchless Face Attendance Systems


In the last two years, a lot has changed regarding our personal and professional behaviour due to the ongoing pandemic. For example, if we talk in the professional context, the way employees’ function in their workspace has altered with social distancing. Today, more and more organizations prefer Touchless Face Attendance Systems rather than the conventional fingerprint biometric attendance. This is becauseif a coronavirus infected person sneezes into their hand and then touches the biometric, the virus would be transferred to the scanner’s surface, and coronavirus stays on a surface for several hours. So, the employees touching that infected scanner would run the risk of contracting the disease.

Touchless Face Attendance Systems

Ensuring safety of the employees, an AI face recognition technology based biometric attendance system can go a long way in allowing businesses to setup automated attendance monitoring and management solutions.

Here mentioned are some of the key features of a Touchless Face Attendance Systems: –

Face detection in real-time

A touchless face attendance system can be the perfect solution for organizations if it is able to detect and identify faces in real-time. If an attendance system is taking too much time in recognising faces from a database, it is not serving the purpose of marking attendance less time consuming. The best biometric face attendance systems are also good in detecting faces in low-light conditions and from different angles. The attendance machine can also match the detected faces with the employee records stored in the database.

Touchless biometric attendance systems can hardly take a few seconds to capture employee attendancethat involves detecting their faces and then matching it with records. Additionally, these new-age attendance systems can detect a person based on their face identity from a group of people. If a group of people are standing in front of the system, it will still recognise only face at a time. This system that uses artificial intelligenceare almost 100% accurate, with a very low error percentage.

Identifies only real people

The best part about Touchless face attendance systems is that they can differentiate between real people and photographs. So, it helps the organizations to eliminate the cases for proxy and biometric face attendance system unauthorised attendance. Additionally, it can also help organizations in preventing security breaches. And, it restricts entry of any unauthorised people from entering the workplace or gaining access to their backend system. Certain attendance system has image sensors. This enables it to capture every possible face contour before putting the algorithm to work for matching details with stored image database.

Offline tracking of employee attendance

The usual attendance systems need continuous internet connectivity to not only capture but also store the attendance of employees. These systems are not able to manage the clock-in and clock-out times of employees without internet connectivity.Therefore, touchless face attendance systems such as KENT CamAttendance are an upgrade to the existing ones. These facial recognition touchless systems will function even in the offline mode to capture and store attendance data. These systems can sync the recorded data to the cloud database for securing storage and easy accessibility when the internet connectivity resumes.

Easy Integration with HRMS

Biometric attendance systems with facial recognition can be easily integrated with the HRMS. Thereby, helping HR teams to reduce administrative costs and improve productivity.By doing this, organizations can successfully monitor work schedules of all the employees, keep track of working hours for employees, deploy workforce better with access to information related to leaves, and generate reports to gauge employee-wise and organization-wise productivity.

KENT CamAttendance is an advanced, and easy to use attendance management device. It is a comprehensive device that covers all the essential aspects of an excellent touchless facial recognition attendance system. This attendance system enables employees to manage leaves and exceptions on the go. Additionally, allows supervisors to monitor employees’ location and approve leave and regularization requests. You candeploy CamAttendance devices and integrate with Cloud app, thus, empowering employees to mark attendance using mobile app on their phones.

There are many organizations that face issues with shift management. With the help of KENT CamAttendance, you can build optimal shift schedules using automated scheduling, and define complex shifts and rosters based on parameters like fixed/flexi timings,repetition periods, etc.

To assure the safety of the employees minimizing the risk of coronavirus situation, and to upgrade from the usual fingerprint biometric attendance system, installation of touchless facial recognition system such as KENT CamAttendance would be highly beneficial.


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