5 Reasons Your Home’s Shower Water is Not Heating Up


A luxurious hot shower is something that many of us take for granted. What would happen to your daily routine if you stepped into your bathroom one morning, only to find that there is no hot water to be enjoyed? Even the calmest and most collected individual may be thrown off by lukewarm or cold water in the shower.

5 Reasons Your Homes Shower Water is Not Heating Up

Common Causes of No Hot Water

Fortunately, there are ways to fix your uncomfortable temperatures and get you back into your regular self-care routine. Getting to the root cause of the issue will lead to an efficient fix or repair from a qualified plumbing technician. Some of the more common causes of cold shower water include:

1. Cross-Connected Pipes

Balancing out hot and cold water in your bathroom begins with the installation of cross-connected pipes. More modern bathroom fixtures include shower mixers to regulate temperature. In cases where pipe access is necessary, it’s best to call in a professional plumber to handle a more detailed repair.

2. Anti-Scald Issues

Shower faucets are equipped with a protective anti-scald feature to ensure that you do not burn yourself as you attempt to access hot water. It is possible that the anti-scald limit on your shower device is set too high. Adjusting the available flow of hot water and checking the hot water temperatures provided by your hot water heater will allow you to find your preferred temperatures for washing, showering, and bathing.

3. Mixing Valve Issues

In cases where newer shower fixtures are installed, you may discover that a mixing valve has gone bad. You’ll know if this valve is failing with the following indicators:

  • The low water pressure coming from the shower head
  • The presence of hot water dripping from your shower head when turned off
  • Colder temperatures coming from your shower when in use

While a mixing valve may seem like a simple fix, it’s best to call in a professional when attempting to access the water supply and turn it off during repairs.

4. Water Heater Issues

Quite often, shower heat issues can be traced back to a faulty water heater. Checking your water heater for signs of malfunction and inefficient function will give you a clear picture of where hot water failure really lies. Determine if your hot water thermostat is set at the correct temperature, as low temperatures can lead to lukewarm or cold water as it flows to its intended destination. Cold water pipes can sometimes be installed directly into a water feed line, which means that your water doesn’t have a chance to warm before being sent through your home. If your hot water heater is old, efficient, or failing, consider adding the best combi boiler in Canada to improve your home’s energy efficiency and solve hot water problems. A combi boiler offers hot water and space heating for your home in one efficient package. Families that have a large need for hot water benefit from the multi-faceted functions that a combi boiler can perform.

5. Hot Water Demand is Too High

If the demand for hot water is too high in your home, you can be left out in the cold as you attempt to use the shower. Large loads of laundry sinks of hot water for dishes, and multiple family members trying to bathe or shower at one time can cause discomfort for those who are last in the bathroom. It may be time to consider a large-volume water heater or a tankless unit that will localize hot water flow and keep things moving when you need it most. If the timing of your shower is not right, try waiting 30-45 minutes after a large hot water use event to try heating things up once more.

Find a Professional

While there is no single answer as to why your shower routine has grown cold, calling in a professional to diagnose and repair any problems will ensure that your problem is handled efficiently. Uncomfortable temperatures are no fun for you or any member of your family; keeping up with the repair and maintenance of your shower fixtures and hot water system will help alleviate any unwelcome surprises.


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