Scuba diving in Malvan with Watersports – An Experience You’ll Never Forget!


How much do you know about scuba diving in Malvan with Watersports? If you’re interested in this, you’ve come to the right place! Learn all there is to know about scuba diving in Malvan. Banbanjara offers scuba diving tours that are considered by many to be some of the best available. You can book your own tour online or by phone, and you should check out their reviews if you need more information before making your final decision to book!

scuba diving in Malvan

The boat journey

Many divers find a boat ride to their dive site exciting and full of anticipation. If your dive destination is close by, it’s likely that all your gear will be pre-loaded onto a boat prior to departure and taken to where you’ll start your descent. But for more remote sites, like those that lie at the far end of Andaman Sea’s many islands, boats are usually met by skippers who help load gear on board before setting off on another hour or so journey. Don’t let all that waiting time stress you out—the journey can be used as a time to become familiar with your fellow divers (more about team dynamics below) and enjoy some refreshments as well. Best of all?

The dive sites

Varadvinayak, Pandavleni Caves, Gaiya Dongar, Malek Islands and more.These are all famous for Great White Sharks. This place also has shallow reefs that make it ideal for beginners to learn scuba dive skills. The best season to explore scuba diving is between October and March. The water here is clear and visibility can exceed 30 meters even during monsoon time! Scuba diving at Malvan will leave you breathless. Here are some of our scuba dive sites

A bit about scuba diving

Scuba diving or scuba is a diver underwater using a self-contained breathing apparatus (scuba) for air. Scuba divers carry their own source of breathing gas, usually compressed air, allowing them greater freedom of movement than with surface-supplied equipment such as open-circuit scuba. They do not need to be directly connected to a surface supply. While some scuba sets are almost always interconnected to a hose from an air compressor on shore through which breathing gas flows to them when they descend below their set maximum operating depth, others have fully independent and automatic life support systems, removing all need for connection to another system during normal operation. The classic scu.

How to get certified as a PADI Open Water Diver

With over 30 years of history, PADI is one of the world’s largest and most popular scuba certification agencies. PADI (which stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certifications are recognized by recreational divers, professional dive instructors, boat operators and resorts all over the world. Scuba diving requires minimum training and skills to ensure that each diver is safe underwater. A PADI Open Water Diver certification is a minimum requirement for recreational scuba diving—and it’s also a great first step if you want to become a dive instructor or open your own business.

How did I get certified in scuba diving?

When I was 16, I booked a vacation to Malaysia. While planning my trip, my Dad asked me if there was anything I wanted to do for fun. As a water baby, I immediately said scuba diving! At that time he gave me two options: either put it on my bucket list and keep dreaming or actually learn how to dive. So I began researching local scuba schools and found one just down the road from where we lived. It didn’t take long before I knew it was what I wanted to do and by 17-years-old, I had earned my PADI certification.

What to take along on your first scuba diving trip

Gear for beginners includes a mask, snorkel, fins and a wetsuit. If you don’t have any of these items but still want to dive, go for it — most resorts will be happy to rent them to you. But if you plan on becoming a scuba diver, investing in your own gear is worth considering; it will pay off in more ways than one (think of how much time and money that renting would save over time). Of course, investing upfront costs money too. Prices vary widely across brands, so talk with people who know what they’re talking about. There are many online options available when buying used equipment that can help reduce your cost without sacrificing quality or safety standards.


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