An Ultimate Guide to Building a Birdhouse in Your Garden


When you open your eyes early in the morning, you will listen to a bird’s voice which helps you to wake-up early in the morning. Birds love to live in wooden nests as compared to iron cages. You can also build your wooden nest with the pet circle discount code in your garden and to wake-up early in the morning with birds’ beautiful voices.

How to attract birds to a new birdhouse?

Purple martins, house wrens, chickadees, house sparrows, and tree swallows like to live in a wooden house. So, your bird will not make a nest in another place in a tree. Only you have to give its food in the wooden house & your bird will come back in that house before sunset.

An Ultimate Guide to Building a Birdhouse in Your Garden

Things you need to build a new birdhouse

You can choose weekends to make a new birdhouse; it is time-consuming. If you start doing work suddenly, you will be tired soon and alsostop building your bird’s wooden house. First, do some research and then list down the equipment & things that are required? You don’t need to purchase equipment like a hammer, saw, screwdriver and measuring tap; ask your neighbor for a few hours. But you alsohave to buy some things like nails, coloured paints and wood but that will be fine. You are not being advised to arrange a drill machine or screw machine because it may be harmful to you as it is your first time using it, and it doesn’t require many effects to hammer wood.

Best paints for birdhouses

The colours like red, lemon, blue, and orange attract birds, so they are the best paints for a birdhouse. However, some birds alsolike to live in a birdhouse in a light colour so they can sleep comfortably at night.

Birdhouse guidelines

Eastern bluebird:

It is a small bird in North America that loves to live in open woodland, chard and farmland. It has short legs, slender beaks with a brightly coloured upper blue body, red breasts and a white abdomen. The dimensions of its wood are also likely to be 5″*5″*8″ h with a 1.5″ centered hole 6″ above the floor. You may place 5-10′ high in the open, sunny area. Using non-toxic paints in the bird’s house with light earth tones is better.

Tree swallow:

It is a small bird with long, pointed wings and a short, squared or slightly notched tail. It loves to live in summer fields and wetlands. The birdhouse dimension would be 5″*5″*6″ h. It also needs a small hole of 1″ centered 4″ above the floor. You may place it 5-8′ high in the open area with 50-100% sunlight entering the wooden box.

Purple martin:

This bird has a beautiful voice, skilful aerial exhibitions, and pleasant twittering calls. It goes into the nest in the afternoon and evening after hunting insects in the air and has slightly hooked bills, short, forked tails, and long, tapered wings with huge, broad-chested swallows. Due to its large size, the minimum dimensions will be 6″*6″*6″ ea. Its hole will be 2.125″. You can also make a hole 2.25″ above the floor. Its better placement will be 15-20′ high in the open air. White colour paint on a wooden box may include suites it best.

Tufted titmouse:

We can easily recognize it by its big black eyes, grey feathers, and rust-coloured flanks. It loves to live in the dense canopy and many tree species. You can make a small house for dimensions 4″*4″*8″ with a small hole of 1.25″ with box placement at 4-10′ high. You can also choose wood from plants like natural berries along with oak trees, as titmice eat acorns.


It is a bird found in North America with white cheeks, a black cap and bib, and a whitish underside with distinctive buffy sides. As a non-migratory songbird, it likes to live in deciduous and mixed forests. The dimensions of 4″*4″*8″ h or 5″*5″ base with a hole 1.125″ centered 6″ above floor & it’s placement will be 4-8″ above the floor is a better option for Chickadee.


It is a European bird with clean black, grey, and white markings that loves to eat insects, nuts, and seeds. The preferable dimensions will be 4″*4″*10″ h. The better position of the hole is 1.25″ with 6″ above floor with it’s placement 12-25′ high on tree trunk. You can paint on it with natural colors. It is more likely that you place 4″ sawdust into it.

House wren:

It lives in parks, rural farmlands, suburbs, and other open areas. It loves to live in a birdhouse with dimensions 4″*4″*8″ h. The placement of the hole is most likely to be 1″ in the centerabove the 6″ floor. You can even hang it 5-10′ hung in the tree as it loves the lower branches of backyard trees.

Northern flicker:

It has a large, brownish woodpecker with black barring on the back with black spots on the belly. It is medium size, woodpecker family. The best dimensions of this bird nest are 7″*7″*18″ h, with its placement 8-20′ high.

Drowsy woodpecker:

It has a blocky head, broad shoulders, straight & chisel-like bill. They like to live on tiny branches, sycamore seed balls, and slender plant galls. It wants to live on 12-25′ high truck trees with dimensions 4″*4″*10″ h. You can place a hole in the nest of 1.25″ centered & 7.5 “above the floor with a simulated colour cavity.

Red-headed woodpecker:

It has relatively large, rounded heads, short, stiff tails, and powerful, spike-like bills. It likes to live in open forest edges and clearings, river bottoms and orchards. Its house dimensions will be 6″*6″*15″ h with 2″ with a hole in a 2-5′ high on the post over water with natural colors on the nest.

Wood duck:

It is medium size bird and has colorful patterns visible up close; it loves to live in river swamps and woodland ponds and is likely to live in a birds nest of dimensions 10″*10″*24″ h with 4″*3″ elliptical hole 20″ above the floor. You can place it 12-40′ high on the post tree in an isolated tree or woodlot.

A bird is a sensitive living thing; keep them in an open-air atmosphere as none of us likes to live in a cage, and any one of us won’t break its heart by snatching its freedom. If you care about them, they will prayer you & your soul will remain in peace. Bird’s life matters.


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