Jhalana Safari


Jhalana Safari India’s first leopard Reserve is the place at Jaipur where you see the vast wildlife. It is near an industrial area Jhalana door. It is 5 km away from Jaipur city center. It is surrounded by Aravali hills which is the oldest mountain series in India and it is spread over an area of 20 square km with a vast amount of flora and fauna.

Jhalana Safari

You see the gaining popularity of Leopards there which is the only reason most of the people came to see them in Jhalana. As it consists of almost more than 30 leopards and other vast creatures. Apart from leopard, you see other attractions of striped hyena, jackal, desert fox, golden jackal, chital, Indian palm civets, etc. It is also famous for its flora and fauna that will surely take your breath away and will definitely make your day exciting and joyful.

Not only this Jhalana safari also covers a vast population of birds that include the Indian pitta, dusky eagle, owl, spotted owlet, etc. so if you are a bird watcher you love to see the species of birds then Jhalana Safari is the best to visit.

Before going you have to wait for the government pass at the gates of Jhalana safari park. Now your day starts before the waking up of birds where you get a short ride with a cup of Rajasthani famous tea. Then you come across the wideness of the forest which will embark on your journey.

Jhalana Safari: The Leopard forest

Jhalana Safari park has increased attention after the state government’s project on leopards which culminates to protect apex predators under schedule 1 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

The first sight that you will see on the Jhalana safari journey is a rufous treepie which will make you mesmerized by its uniqueness. You see a vast variety of peafowl there which will make your day splendid as you see its natural beauty.

Palm, babul, bamboo, and acacia is what you see on quartz hills and flatlands of the Aravallis where Jhalana is set in. you see hyena there with its sheer jaw strength. You see Punjab’s state bird which is the northern goshawk at Jhalana which will make you shocked as you see its yellow bright eyes.

Some facts:

  • Jhalana Safari is known as the 1st Leopard Reserve in India.
  • It has more than 35 leopards and 5 clubs
  • The last tiger shot here was in 1948
  • It is spread over an area of 20 square km
  • Jalan was recognized by Rajasthan Forest Department as a Leopard Reserve in 2017
  • It opened in 2016 December for tourists.

Its Flora and Fauna:

Flora- The narrow valleys of Aravallis and sharp cliffs of hills is what surround the Jhalana Safari. It provides one with the natural delight and the tranquility with its dense forests. It surrounds the plants like juliflora, Mukherji, dhak, salar, think, and kurta. Mostly the forest remains dry as the trees shed their leaves in the dry season and monsoon.

Fauna- Jhalana Safari surrounds the vast wildlife and the majestic leopard is prime. Although leopards are shy, solitary, and nocturnal in Jhalana Safari you will see them like tigers, and are diurnal in nature. The other big cats of Jhalana safari apart from leopards are Indian civets, desert cats, and jungle cats. Other animals you spot here are hyenas, desert foxes, mongooses, sambar deer, etc. The bird species include Indian pitta, dusky eagle, and spotted owlet making it best for bird watchers.

Best time to visit:

Though the park is open all year round the best time to visit the Jhalana safari would be November to March if you want to catch a glimpse of birds and the summer months for leopards. The complete safari of Jhalana takes 2.5 hours to cover the whole land as it is 21 square km long.

So what are you waiting for?

Enrich yourself with the knowledge of wildlife and get into the real world of animals where you will be exploring the wonders of nature. If you wish to take a travel guide with you then you have to prebook for the same. So all the nature lovers get ready to be lost in the paradise of birds and animals. Also, don’t forget to take on your best quality cameras with you to capture the exotic wildlife of Jhalana safari park.


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