4 Reasons to Construct an Under-Stair Wine Cellar: What You Should Know


What do you usually store under the stairs? Most of the time, it is the area where you dump the unused things. However, homeowners are often clueless about what to do with the space. If you are planning to convert the wasted space under-stairs and take advantage of it, the best idea is to change it into a wine storage facility. As a wine lover trying to construct an articulate cellar, the space under the stairs provides you with an opportunity to transform the wasted area into something more inspirational. So, are you ready to lend shape to your aspirations? There is no denying that you can create one of the best setups to store the bottles without compromising the style.


What could be the reason for choosing one of the most ignored areas of the home for constructing a wine storage facility? Is it just to take advantage of the unused space? For many, it may seem strange and out of the world but the storage facility you construct under-stairs fills up the void in this area. So, do not miss this opportunity to design the storage in the once-ignored area and step up to add uniqueness to this place. It is undeniably unique for savvy wine lovers.

Here are a few reasons to consider the area under the stairs for creating home wine cellars. Read them thoroughly to step ahead with your concepts.

1. Good for full-size cellars

Are you a veteran lover of the drink and own a large collection? While most collectors own only a few exceptional bottles, you may be an exception. So, using the area below the stairs is a perfect option to store the bottles when you need a big space. Truly speaking, it is the joy of owning the best collections. Besides, using a unique storage space gives you a feeling of completeness and satisfaction. You can choose a moderate design and feel the same satisfaction even when storing just about 400 bottles.

2. Struggling with lack of space

Even the greatest enthusiast of wine may struggle with a severe lack of space at home. If you are not blessed with a big cottage or a townhouse, there is no reason to feel disappointed. For small apartments, the under stair wine storage is the best option to choose. Collect wine and stack up the bottles in style without worrying about the lack of square footage at home. Fortunately, the decision to store the bottles under-stair may bring life to the largely unused space. What’s even more fascinating is that you can turn the area into a quaint space, ideal for families to sit together and enjoy sipping their favorite drink. A stunning display in this area may be the focal point of conversation. So, why not bring your family and friends together in an area that was lying unused for a long time.

3. Benefit of Narrow designs for tight spaces

Are you skeptical about using tight space under-stairs to build a snazzy wine cellar? Well, shed your thoughts and embrace a narrow design option with racks specially designed to fit into a confined area. For instance, you may focus on wine towers, which the revered collectors go crazy about. Besides, modular racks are also befitting for tight spaces. The affordability of custom racks designed following the measurements of under-stair areas make them popular plus they fit any space like a tight glove.

Several grape lovers may feel that constructing storage below the stairs is a thing only wealthy people may dream about. On the contrary, an under-stair facility need not be too large just like the underground space where you may store large-sized barrels. It can be very small and still have all those features that you will love to include. Just make sure it has the potential to fit the number of bottles you own.

4. Express our style

When looking for unique wine storage ideas, the under-stair concept allows you to think out of the box. Every home has a different structure. Whether your home is straight and curvy or has wooden or marble floors, make the flight of stairs interesting and inspirational with the best storage option.

Building home wine cellars should be fun and come with lots of creative options. Do not stress your mind with the construction but feel the excitement within when building a cellar that meets your need and style. If under-stair is your favorite spot for storing the bottles, keep your mind open and talk to experts to pick the best design.


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