How to Join a Meeting through Link and Code on


Ever since the advent of pandemic it is very common to see that teachers and students are taking and attending online classes respectively. Numerous platforms like are coming in the mainstream for this purpose. Even these platforms are also being used for business purposes as well for example Google meet can be used for teaching and business meeting both. Today we will talk about one of the most popular and emerging platform used by teachers to take their classes online. So let us know a bit more about the genuine platform for joining online classes that is

How to Join a Meeting through Link and Code on

What is

The joinpdcom is considered as one of the most important platform by teachers when it comes to take online classes. It is launched by the pear deck and since then being used for the teaching purpose. Teachers can prepare their lectures on this platform and can also teach as many as students as they want. It is one of the most significant platform because you can also add content through Google slides on Joinpd. At the same time its easy user interface and marvelous features by keeping the teaching aspect in mind make it great.

What is the purpose of Joinpd platform?

Like said many times here that join code will help you to join a class in the form of meeting on this platform. You can either enter the class through a five digit code or it can be possible through a link given by the tutor. That is how you can attend online class on Joinpd from anywhere. It is really a boon in this world of technology for students to get an access to the class from every nook or corner of the world. Millions of students who cannot make it happen to school for several reasons can join these online classes on Joinpd to ensure the best online learning for them.

Is pear deck and Joinpd same?

Pear Deck is a sort of parent host that is having Joinpd as a venture for online classes. You can see peardeck join code as important formality to enter the class or meeting on Joinpd. Pear deck is a sort of parent company to Joinpd who have launched it for a purpose mentioned here. So yes we can say that they are similar in some sense but not same. Pear Deck is having its other ventures too apart from Joinpd meanwhile the latter is just a single part of pear deck.

How to join a session on Joinpd as student?

In order to join a session or class on join as a student you just need to click on the link that you teacher has sent to you on your email. You will be diverted to the meeting directly by clicking on that link. So that is how you can attend a class easily on Joinpd. In case you have got a five digit code then just visit the and then select to join a meeting. You will be asked to enter a code that is given by your class teacher. That is how you are all set to attend an online session on Joinpd.

Steps for joining a session enter code

The enter code gives you a best way to join a session on the aforesaid platform. Have a look on the steps you need to take for joining the meeting through Joinpd code.

  • First click on the link for Joinpd shared by your teacher
  • You can also visit and click on join meeting.
  • Then you will be asked to enter a five digit otp that you have from your teacher.
  • Just enter this code OTP and you are all set to join the session.

A guide to join meeting in Joinpd through Link from teacher

A guide to join meeting in Joinpd through Link from teacher

Here is a complete step by step guide to join a meeting on Joinpd through a link sent to you on your email by the teacher.

  1. Share your email id with teacher to send you link on the email for class.
  2. Joining a Joinpd session through link needs the same from your teacher.
  3. Click on the link that you have to join the class.
  4. You will directly be diverted to the class without any further move on browser.

Do we need an account with Joinpd to enter in session?

There is no need to have any account with Joinpd if you have a valid Google account or so. You can get the access to class through a valid Google account only. So do not worry about signing up with a Joinpd account to enter a class online on the same platform that is mentioned here.

Benefits of using Joinpd for teachers

One of the leading benefit of using Joinpd is that you can use it for teaching students in online learning way without much efforts. You do not have to worry about the content as you can easily find content on the platform. Even Google slides can also be used on Joinpd to teach a topic to the students. More the platform serves easy and effective user interface to make it simple for both teachers and students to turn their learning experience marvelous in every way.


So this is how we can join a meeting or class on Joinpd easily. If you are not able to understand the other platforms meant for the same purpose you can easily use Joinpd in such case. It is developed by keeping the need of easy user interface and content availability to teachers and students. Teachers can even share the slides or their presentations with the class without any obstacle on Joinpd. That is why it is one of the most reliable and popular platform when it comes to attend and take online classes of students. The appealing features of the Joinpd platform are also responsible for heavy growth of its users.


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