Veneers: How They Can Improve Your Smile & Visual appearance?


The most successful relationships have the potential to be better than others. It all starts with smiles. A confident smile is only an integral part of confidence. Your smile is a reflection of your personality and health. Healthy gums and teeth show the way you treat your body. A smile is the only thing we must turn the most difficult situations to our advantage. Why wouldn’t you want your smile to appear most attractive? Veneers are a great way to help the smile pop and be in its most natural form.

Besides smiling, teeth play a role in chewing and assisting in speaking. They aid in articulating the words, maintain the jaw’s structure and help protect against dental problems. Don’t let dental imperfections hinder your confidence. Cosmetic dentistry provides a variety of modern options, such as veneers that safeguard your teeth, smile, and gums, and allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Smiledesignmumbai, Mumbai offers many no-mess treatments that can correct cosmetic imperfections such as chipped, discolored, and uneven teeth through the use of premium veneers.

What exactly are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are custom shells that are made of premium quality porcelain. They are also referred to as Dental Veneers Treatment in Mumbai porcelain laminates. They are bonded to the front of teeth to enhance the size, shape, and appearance of the teeth. Veneers are permanent, wafer-thin fittings that can be customized to suit the requirements of the needs of the patient. They are also able to alter the length of teeth.

The treatment of veneers in Mumbai is a treatment that is versatile and is among the most sought-after procedures in the field of cosmetic dentistry Mumbai. If you’re also uncomfortable about your smile and feel that you are always hiding your smile when making a statement, or when you attend job interviews, then dental veneers could be the best option for you. In Smiledesignmumbai’s Mumbai clinic, we will assist you in determining whether veneer treatment is the best option to fix your damaged tooth.

Is your profile a suitable patient for Dental Veneers?

The treatment of Dental Veneers Treatment in Mumbai is a great alternative to dental bridges that are invasive but, they’ll only be effective when you have strong teeth. The longevity and durability of the veneers are contingent upon how strong your back tooth is. If you suffer from one or more of the following issues the top dentists in Mumbai can assist you in fixing these issues with the help of veneers:

Teeth that are discolored: As we eat and drink, it’s normal that teeth to get discolored. Traditional bleaching may not be effective in resolving the issue and dropping the stain and restoring the color. In these cases veneers for cosmetic purposes are efficient. Discoloration and staining of teeth due to RTC treatments such as fluoride overuse and medical staining can be covered by the use of veneers.

Broken teeth: Daily wear and tear can cause teeth to wear down and appear uneven.

Broken and chipped tooth: If your tooth has been damaged or chipped because of an accident, the best dentists in Mumbai would suggest that you use dental veneers to improve the natural look of the tooth.
Uneven teeth and misaligned teeth Orthodontic issues can lead to your teeth being uneven, which can cause misaligned teeth.

· Shape of the tooth is deformed: of shape tooth or one that has uneven ridges could make it difficult to bite and chew. Veneers can help restore the shape of an even.

· Broken teeth: It could happen due to an accident or improper occlusion.

· Diastema/spacing If there is a gap between teeth, The top veneer specialists in Mumbai can fix the issue through the treatment of veneers.

Dental Veneer Procedure

Veneer placement is a multi-sitting procedure, meaning that you are required to visit your dentist twice and three times for the procedure to be completed.

Stage I

Consulting: This is done to assess the health of the teeth and to explain the treatment plan and process. To examine the teeth the dentist will conduct an x-ray radiological examination and talk about your expectations. If you’re looking for particular changes to your smile, now is time to talk with your dentist. They will then create a treatment plan in line with your needs.

Stage II

The preparation phase: This is the stage that your teeth get to be ready for the veneers. This phase consists of the steps listed below.

Anesthesia is used If you have sensitive teeth, then you can consider making use of local anesthesia to help make the procedure more comfortable.

The shaping of your tooth Following the cleaning of your gums and teeth The top veneer specialist in Mumbai began the procedure by shaping the exterior of the tooth to make space to fit the dental veneer. The surface of your tooth will be left rough to ensure the veneer adheres. The tooth may look bulky but don’t fret, it’s temporary.

Take impressions of the teeth. impression of the tooth and surrounding gums and teeth are taken using putty, and dental paste. These impressions are then sent to the lab specialist. It will take about up to two weeks for the custom-made veneers in place. Temporary dental veneers are used in the meantime. It can be used to test for aesthetics, phonetics, and occlusion.

Stage III

Bonding In the next visit to your dentist, he will put the veneer on the tooth and examine the fit and color. If the dentist is happy with the fit, he will then polish, clean, and etch on the teeth’s surface. This procedure consists of these steps:

Etching the tooth’s surface: the dentist will etch the surface with acid, which helps to create a rough or uneven surface. It can help the veneer connect with the tooth.

Bonding agent: after cleansing the tooth surface, and drying it, the dentist applies a layer of a clear bonding agent.

Cemented: The special cement gets placed on the veneer and after that, it is placed over the tooth in the correct place. After putting the veneer in place, the cement that is left over will be removed. The cement is then made hard by laser.

Final evaluation and polishing The restoration will be analyzed for the proper position and occlusion and, if needed, trimmed. The bite is checked to ensure that it’s correct. And last but not the last, polishing to ensure the final appearance of the restoration with veneers, is carried out.

Follow-up appointment This appointment will take place within one week. The dentist will examine your gums to determine the reaction of the new veneers or restorations. He will also perform the final adjustments if required.

Post-Procedural Care

There isn’t any hospitalization following the Dental Veneers Treatment in Mumbai and you’ll be able to walk home in comfort. There’s no discomfort and some discomfort due to the adhesion that has been made to your teeth, but you’ll soon be accustomed to it. After the procedure, you should take care of these things:

· Do not eat anything for at most two hours following the treatment.

· After stage II of temporary restoration, do not chew foods that are sticky or hard. This can lead to fracture or shift of the tooth

· Cleanse your temporary restoration every day.

· Don’t miss the follow-up appointment.

Dental veneers aftercare

Dental veneers don’t need any special attention. They’re like your natural teeth. All you have to do to make sure they last a long existence is to:

· Make sure you follow proper oral hygiene practices, including flossing, brushing, and an oral rinse on a daily every day.

· Do not bite hard food with the front teeth, such as apples and nuts.

· Although dental veneers are stain-resistant, your dentist will recommend you to stay away from foods that cause staining on the teeth.
Benefits from Dental Veneer

· The treatment of Dental Veneers Treatment in Mumbai provides the following benefits:

· It’s like teeth from nature, thus it’s great.

· It’s a less invasive procedure than other restoration procedures.

· They’re durable and permanent due to their resistance to decay and staining in a better manner than natural teeth. If maintained they’ll last from 15 and 20 years.

· It is easy to maintain, and flossing and brushing twice a day is enough to do it.

· Because it’s non-porous they are less prone to the stains that are caused by tea, coffee, or smoking.

Treatment for Cost of Veneer
Dental Veneers Treatment in Mumbai are constructed from top-quality materials that are guaranteed to last for a long time. The cost of the composite veneer treatment in Mumbai depends on the number of teeth being treated. Another factor that affects the cost of veneer treatments within Mumbai can be the visual knowledge of the dentist performing the procedure. If you must have treatment or procedures before your appointment, then they’ll be added to the price of Dental Veneers Treatment in Mumbai.


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