Why IPhone is Way Better than the Android, and Why do People Hanker After Them


The entire world is getting mobile-friendly, or we can say already reached the final stage of getting soaked in the craze for mobile phones. Today people make funny comments on friends photo, find cool captions for Instagram by using these mobiles and even access online shopping sites no. We all love Android phones because of the flexibility of the software and the convenience of use. However, if you ask any person which phone to choose, they’ll be told they prefer the iPhone. This is even though the price of the iPhone 13 Pro is UAE max at the top end. What are the advantages of iPhones over traditional Android phones? Let’s take a look at the details.

They give the best user experience

While Android makers are trying to be the best at making phones, iPhones are the easiest to use on the market. The look and feel of the IOS have not changed over the decades. The main advantage of the iPhone is that it works much like it did in 2008. You take your phone out and choose the app you want to open. While it’s true that Apple has made improvements over time, like the control center, the iPhone is something that can be quickly learned.

No infringement of security

The main advantage of these smartphones is their security features. If you’ve used your device to sign in to social media accounts, banking info, or even take a selfies. If so, security may be your primary concern. This information may prove valuable to cybercriminals and may threaten you and your family members.

IPhone performs best owing to its Mac software

If you already use Apple products or want to buy an upgrade to your iPhone, it’s time to pick one. Out of the various brands, many third-party apps can be used with the platform. There is an Airdrop option with which you can transfer images.

Fast processing

If you’ve used both platforms, you can find that the iPhone is user-friendly with a small number of technical issues. One area where the iPhone outperforms Android is performance. It is currently one of the most rugged phones globally as it contains about 6 GB of RAM. This would put it in the middle of the range when considered one of the world’s best smartphones. It is the Apple charger that is most in demand.

Worth the value

The iPhone has a long-lasting feature that can hold its value quickly. If you’re looking for an upgrade, it’s easy to quickly sell an iPhone that isn’t as expensive as an Android phone. While some Android phones are known for their value, switching to iPhone can be a huge hassle.

While Android manufacturers put a lot of time and effort into creating a paid job on Android, Apple Pay is the best option when making mobile payments. This is because it is easy to use. It also stores credit card information and offers reward cards from a wide variety of companies. These cards are usually held in Apple’s latest wallet.


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