How to Choose the Right Brand Color and How it Affects Sales?


On the way to building a strong brand, you need to go through many stages, one of them being the development of a corporate identity. When in doubt, the historical backdrop of a huge organization starts with the formation of a corporate character.

And if now you are faced with the task of promoting your brand, you can contact a design agency, for example, Ingenious Guru, where professional logo designers and marketing specialists will conduct an in-depth analysis of the market and your competitors, and also draw up a corporate identity development strategy for you. In the course of work, the experts, together with designers, will determine which components of the visual identity will suit your brand.

How to Choose the Right Brand Color and How it Affects Sales

We wrote a lot about what corporate identity is and what it includes: naming, logo, slogan, colors, design. And today I would like to focus your attention on color.

Why it’s important to choose the right colors for a brand, how color affects sales and how it relates to marketing.

According to research, when buying a new product, 93% of consumers decide to “buy” because they like the look of the product. At the same time, 6% of buyers note the importance of tactile sensation, and only 1% would like to try the product. But what is most striking is that 85% of buyers first all pay attention to color when buying a product! The fact is that the right color increases sales by 80%.

Why is this happening? Let’s turn to science

“Variety certainly affects an individual’s life. It’s all about physiology: the eye perceives color, transmits a signal to the hypothalamus, which sends impulses to the pituitary gland; The thyroid gland receives signals from the pituitary gland – it produces hormones that affect mood, emotions and, as a result, behavior.

There is such a science as “color psychology”, which studies the effect of color on human behavior and emotions. We offer you to find out what colors provoke what emotions and thoughts according to the psychology of color.

Women’s colors: blue, purple and green

Studies have shown that 35% of women choose blue as their favorite color, 23% – purple, 14% – green. But as for the unloved colors, orange is the leader here: 33% of women consider it ugly. Other unattractive colors included brown (33%) and gray (17%).
A well-known stereotype, is supposedly that all women adore pink. However, it is not. In the design of the site, it is still better to use blue, purple and green – this helps to increase the conversion.

Men’s colors: blue, green and black

If your target audience is men, use blue, green, and black as the basis for your design. The latter is especially considered powerful and glossy. It is used to advertise luxury goods.

Blue enhances confidence

Blue has a striking effect – it evokes feelings of trust and security. Commonly used for banks and businesses. We advise against using blue for restaurants, cafes and other food-related businesses. The fact is that this color reduces appetite, and restaurants definitely do not need it. Moreover, the blue color in food is associated with poison, so you should not use blue to sell food.

Yellow accentuates and warns

There are many conflicting opinions about yellow. One thing is undeniable – yellow excites the brain. Usually used to get attention. Hence the conclusion: the feeling of “gaiety” can be imposed. But let’s remember where we meet yellow on weekdays: traffic lights “attention”, signs “painted floor”, a yellow card in football “warning”. Therefore, it is more correct to say that yellow is the color of anxiety, attention, and warning.

Green is the color of sustainability

Green color can be found everywhere where there is a prefix “eco”. No wonder it is called the color of nature. In marketing, green is used to relax. Green is also associated with wealth and increases conversion.

Orange is the color of haste or momentum

Aggressive. Creates a call to action: buy or sell. Therefore, it is well suited for children’s and sporting goods stores. It is also used by courier delivery services to emphasize the speed of the process: Conversion elements are often dyed orange.

Black is the color of the luxury segment

Many luxury brands choose black for decoration. The goods of these brands are expensive, so there is no place for cheerful and frivolous shades – everything should emphasize the status.

White is a universal color

Often white color is not taken into account. However, it is the color of freshness, purity, uniqueness and individuality. There is never too much white in website design. Such sites look clean, tidy, text is well distinguished on a white background.

So, summing up, we can say for sure that the right choice of color helps to better position the brand, establish contact with the target audience and achieve the set goals.


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