How to find your Signature Scent


The idea is for a signature scent to serve as a personal remembrance of treasured friends and loved ones.

Your appearance, makeup, and hairstyle can reveal a lot about your personality. Despite the obvious power suit and red lip across the room, fragrances are much more subtle, much more intimate ways of showing the type of person you are – or aspire to be.
Others will remember and perceive you subconsciously by your signature scent. You can use it as a deciding factor on how your day will go and the mood you want to set. No matter who it’s for, your signature scent is unabashedly you.

Even with thousands of options on the market, choosing a signature scent can be difficult. The more options you have, the more relieved you may be to simplify your routine to achieve a more minimalistic, intentional fragrance wardrobe.

You can trust us to help you find the perfect perfume if you’d rather have one or two signature scents that you’ll go back to again and again than play fragrance roulette anytime, anywhere.

How can you find your signature scent?

1. Test your fragrance before you buy it
To ensure that you do not purchase yet another bottle of perfume that ends up becoming more of an ornament than a staple in your beauty regimen, be sure to test the fragrance before you buy it. Most of the time, we try a brand-new fragrance by spritzing it on a blotter. Immediately after we see something, we decide if we like it or not. The key to finding your signature scent is giving yourself time to decide if you like the fragrance.

2. Take trends into consideration, but proceed cautiously.
When purchasing scents, keep in mind that trends come and go like fashion. Taking trends into account is helpful, but one must trust his instincts once he understands what he likes.
Follow the trend but test by yourself what fragrance suits you.

3. Spend time with it.
Perfumes smell differently on each person because everyone has a different body type. Therefore, how it smells on a sampling paper may not be how it settles into your skin.
Taking samples of various fragrances is very helpful, but you should also give your perfume some time to settle on your skin.

The cost of fragrance is higher than other cosmetic goods, so if you fall in love with a scent, we encourage you to buy it.

4. Consider how you want to be perceived by your signature scent

Do you want to come across as amusing? Do you want to feel seductive? Consider this while you alternate between the aromas of leather accord and peony before deciding on one. “It should make them feel like their ideal self — this sensation of recognition with a dash of desire,” Shapiro adds. “When you spritz on the smell, it should feel not just like who you are, but also like who you aspire to be.”

5. Knowing what you smell is important
Before trying out a fragrance, it is important to make sure your nose is in tip-top shape. However, once your nose is in tip-top shape, you may have difficulty discerning what exactly you smell. Why do we smell vanilla, anyway? All fragrances can be classified into four categories defined by Guerlain’s Poulin: fresh, floral, spice, and woody. It’s true that inside some of these four families there are many subcategories (or combinations, such as spices and fresh scents), but at the end of the day, all perfume falls in one of these four families.

6. Get to know the Scent Families
1. The scents in this category are all citrus-derived. Citrus-derived scents are described as fresh, bright, and juicy.”
2. Aromatic: “It’s a combination of herbs, grasses, and other mossy or rooty notes. They’re light, green, and more woodsy.”
3. Ocean and Aquatic: “A fresh and airy feeling.” Quite refreshing.
4. Woody: “A bit like aromatic.”Includes wood, resin, and incense.”
5. The florals range from dainty to rugged. A few are quite strange. Gardenias smell jungly, green, and crunchy to me.”

7. Adapt to Your Mood
“A deeper, woody aroma may indicate a more serious, secretive, or tough demeanor, whereas something lighter and brighter may indicate a lighter, more outdoorsy disposition.” Don’t make an effort to fit your multifaceted personality to a single smell. That’s why we manufacture multiples: so you can utilize them depending on your mood.”

8. Accept Change
“This is a perfume, not a marriage.” It’s a simple, affordable indulgence, so have fun with it and switch up your smells from weekday to weekend or season to season.”

9. Investigate the Fragrance—Or, at the very least, read the Packaging
“Most scents have a narrative, which may be an interesting topic of conversation when others inquire about your smell.” For example, each one I produce is based on a real-life visit to a great location. It must include a natural smell and a compelling tale. This gives the scent a distinct personality and offers me creative guidance. I utilize the components found in the environment to determine the fragrance family. I then fine-tune what I’ve learned.

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