Leading Virtual Event Service Providers in India



Virtual events are considered rescuers for in-person events. Virtual events can be a conference, a webcast, etc. but are much more different from so-called online video-based solutions.

The motto behind organizing these events is to provide a real-time feel to the audience with the help of customized designs and templates.

With the help of virtual event platforms, real-time engagement with the audience has increased significantly. In this blog, we will be discussing virtual events, their service providers in India, and much more.

All about Virtual Event Services

Though interaction with the people while meeting them personally will never fade away, there are times when going virtually is the only option available.

Leading Virtual Event Service Providers in India

Virtual events are suitable platforms for the delivery of content online and getting your work done by just sitting in your comfort place.

Virtual event services are the type of facilities that can be utilized online with the help of a dedicated network & involves two-way interaction between the host & audience.

7 Main Types of Virtual Events

There are many types of virtual events which are being used as per the requirements of the organization. Here is the list of some of the most popular types of virtual events –


Webinars can be defined as a mixed version of web & seminars. It is a great way of sharing information in the form of infographics & audio-visuals with the targeted audience.

Webinars have a marketing objective that involves basic registration of the audience to attend a single session. It also helps different organizations to aware viewers of their brand, and critical thinking process, boost conversion rates, and much more.

Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences are meetings that are being organized virtually while creating a room and inviting all the members through different platforms usually by mailing them.

With the help of virtual event service providers, hosting these meetings & events similar to these have gone a lot more convenient & exciting simultaneously with tons of customizable options to choose from.

Internal Hybrid Events

These events tend to share a message to the audience attending both in person & virtually. These events are mostly used by organizations to make announcements, training sessions, etc.

These events connect attendees across the globe with the facility to share the message in real-time or record to watch it later.

External Hybrid Events

These events are particularly for the employees outside your organization. Different types of conferences, summits, etc. are some of the common examples of these external hybrid events.

Nowadays, these events are in demand after the onset of the pandemic as travelling expenses are negligible & it is easy to represent our country at international levels virtually.

Virtual Exhibitions

In comparison with the traditional exhibitions where you get the chance to showcase your product or brand in person, virtual exhibitions are a good alternative & much more pocket-friendly option for both customers & sellers.

With the help of virtual event software, these exhibitions tend to promote community building, and public relations by defining the company’s vision in a specific field, etc.

Virtual Seminars

Virtual seminars are a very effective & economical tool for learners & students who can attend them while sitting at home. Like the traditional way of teaching, these seminars thus also require an instructor, students, method of communication, etc.

Virtual Trade Shows

A virtual trade show is the most effective method of displaying and promoting your brand in a specific industry.

It can be hosted on a very beginner level like an online version of the in-person show to a more complex 3D world. Talking about the 3D trade show virtual event service providers this event has become high in demand because of the features involving the traditional trade show experience of watching it virtually.

Top 5 Leading Virtual Event Service Providers in India

Live streaming services are provided by service providers & this has got many names. Here is the list of some of the popular live streaming service providers which deliver a quality experience to their users –


  • With features like- virtual tradeshows, hybrid events, town hall meetings etc. Dreamcast offers a wide range of services to its users.
  • It has its dedicated live streaming services which come with real-time audience engagement facility & seamless user experience.


  • Vconfex offers branded booths with digital experience which gives real life event feeling.
  • It has robust insights & analytics feature which provides valuable feedback & ideas for the modification of events according to audience needs.


  • Hopin is well known for its event marketing strategies & creation of landing pages for the registration & promotion of the brand or organisation.
  • With streamyard broadcasting studio features, hopin offers reliable streams to its audience and that too with a budget friendly option.


  • Whova is one of the popular live streaming service providers which offers session streaming, attendee engagement, & wide networking options for the organzirors for better audience engagement.
  • With virtual event solutions provided by whova, managing online sessions on one platform, watching pre recorded video, and tiering attendees with content control has become a lot more popular among the audience.


  • Aventri offers virtual booth services & sponsorship opportunities for the organizers for better audience engagement & wider networking approach.
  • It also provides hybrid solutions with its event management technology & delivers one of the best virtual streaming services.


In today’s world, making in-person connections is a powerful thing. But there are times when gathering all those who are connected with you in the same space might not be possible.

There come virtual event solutions. In recent years, these hybrid events have gained much popularity for a good reason.

They offer their platform to expand the audience reach, facility to communicate with them in real-time, features to customize your event according to the feedback received from the audience and the list goes on.

In recent times, virtual events have evolved to a great extent. You have complete access to invite top speakers & industry professionals belonging to remote geographical locations on a single platform to address the viewers while they are sitting in their comfort zones.

Right from the venue to the virtual stage, the entire look & feel of the event is designed & customized while hosting these events.


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