How Any Foreigner in Thailand Can Enhance their Lives by Learning to Speak Thai


There is little wonder that millions of people visit Thailand every year. It’s an amazing country where the warmth of the locals is matched by the climate. Incredible culture and history collide with the modern world. Fabulous food, hectic cities, and beautiful landscapes along with beaches and islands make it a dream destination.

There are some who are so captivated that they decide that they wish to work in the Land of Smiles or retire there and make it their home. They are making a fantastic decision, but to get the most out of living in a foreign land it’s a wise idea to embrace it and try to integrate with natives. Those who decide to enrol for Thai language learning will find their lives more enjoyable and easier.

  • The language school is located right in the heart of the capital, Bangkok, and is easily accessible by public transport. There are two different types of course available. One is for those who wish to make the most of a short language course and is ideal for those who wish to improve their Thai language skills when living and working in the country. The other allows students to receive an Education Visa for the period that they are studying to stay in the country, which can be between 3.5 and 14 months.
  • The essential course can be one-on-one learning or in a class containing between 3 and 8 students, so everyone gets the attention they require. It provides an opportunity for fun and learning together as new friendships are made. Those learning alone can have their courses customised so that they meet their needs and interests. Those struggling with the heat in their new surroundings may wish to follow a diet plan chart to shed kilos fast.
  • The courses are designed to fit in with the lifestyle of the students understanding that everyone has different schedules and work timetables. A monthly calendar is formulated that is based on topic-focused lessons so that targets can be reached individually. The school provides re-runs of the same sessions regularly, so those who cannot attend do not miss out.
  • It is easy to catch up if attendance is a problem, with help and advice also being offered to do some extra learning online. There is even the option of learning in the classroom environment or through self-learning so that nerves and any feeling of being overwhelmed is overcome. When the weekend arrives, it might allow for a visit to a historical province full of culture.
  • The course syllabus is engaging and marks the advancement of students from level to level using colours starting from pastel blue through to scarlet red. They form an analogy of the progress being made as beginners gradually improve their skills to becoming as proficient in speaking Thai as a native.

Learning to speak Thai is an invaluable tool for anyone living and working in the country. They will learn having fun as they progress in a school of the highest standards in Bangkok.


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