Don’t Miss Out on the Thrill of a Lifetime – Bungee Jumping in Goa!


How many times in your life will you have the opportunity to jump off a bridge with an elastic cord tied around your ankles? Most people don’t get to experience the thrill of bungee jumping, but you can! The best part about it? Bungee jumping in Goa is safe, easy, and affordable! Here’s why you should book your next bungee jumping adventure today.

The thrill of jumping off a bridge, into thin air

That’s exactly what you’ll feel when you jump off a bridge suspended more than 200 feet above land. Yes, that means you’re about to bungee jump in Goa and it will be one for your bucket list. Imagine feeling nothing as your body plummets and then suddenly springs back up after hitting nothing but a rubber cord. Suddenly, you’re soaring through mid-air and experience an out-of-body feeling as you marvel at your surroundings from high above it all. This is how bungee jumping feels; minus falling to death, of course. Still not convinced? Then read on to find out why jumping off bridges (safely) is one of life’s greatest thrills—and why they aren’t just for daredevils anymore.

Bungee jumping in Goa

How to prepare before bungee jumping

Making sure you’re properly prepared is important when it comes to bungee jumping. Before you take that leap, you should be thinking about all your safety gear, what to do if something goes wrong and all your contact information. To make sure you get everything right before taking off, start by preparing yourself mentally and physically. Not only will that help you relax and have fun during your jump, but it can also help keep you safe from injury if anything goes wrong. Ask around for recommendations from people who have done bungee jumping before—they’ll likely have some great tips for making your experience even better. Then, check out our list of things to consider before bungee jumping below

Where and when to jump?

India is dotted with adventure sites and natural beauty spots, from dense jungles to remote mountain ranges. One of India’s most thrilling adventures lies within Goa, a state with rugged coastlines and beautiful beaches. One such beach – Colva – is home to an exhilarating activity that will have you looking for excuses to jump off cliffs. In fact, when my cousin told me about bungee jumping in Goa, I couldn’t believe it till I saw pictures online. The sheer cliff walls lining both sides of Colva beach are perfect for bungee jumping. You can also enjoy parasailing while here or go scuba diving if you’re feeling more adventurous!

So who can do it?

If you’re between 10 and 100 years old, fit and healthy enough to bungee jump, you can do it. You will be required to sign an agreement form stating that you are fit and capable of completing the activity. The minimum age for children is 8 years old if they weigh more than 35kgs. If you weigh less than 35kgs then your weight has to be more than 110% of your height.

The right gear

Before heading out to Goa, make sure you’ve packed all your safety gear and clothing. A high-quality pair of jump boots is necessary for optimal elastic recoil, so don’t forget to pack them into your bag. Make sure you have multiple layers for optimum warmth, even though you won’t be jumping from great heights at first. It can get cold quickly up there.

Do I need certification for this?

No, it is not required to bungee jump. However, because you are jumping from a height, you must be 18 years or older and fully aware of what you’re doing. You will be taught how to properly secure yourself before you take your leap. Make sure to sign all necessary waivers as well. If these conditions aren’t met, some companies may not let you jump. Check with your company and read all rules and regulations before booking your trip.

How about safety?

While there’s no denying that bungee jumping is a heart-stopping activity, it’s also completely safe. A lot goes into making sure your jump is as safe as possible, and you don’t want to miss out on all of those precautions just because you’re afraid. Check out these tips before you take that leap of faith.

Tips before you jump!

There are many things you should consider before you jump. You may feel excited and ready to jump, but it is important to remember that your brain has to adjust when you’re falling from such a height, so allow some time for your mind to realize what is happening. It will take about four seconds for your body and mind to react after jumping off one of these bridges.

Before you go home, read these travel tips first.

The biggest mistake many first-time travelers make is not planning ahead. Even if you have all your airline tickets and hotel reservations, there are lots of other things to remember before you step out into an entirely new culture.


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