Jacquard Fabric: All About This Beautiful Fabric And How To Keep It


Jacquard is a fabric that tells a tale, not only about the history of textile weaving but also about our wardrobes. Traditional brocade weaving from the Byzantine Empire inspired brocade jacquard fabric, which is still popular today as an important piece of clothing.
Textiles manufactured from jacquard fabric include brocade, damask and tapestry, all of which may be made from various types of fibre. Cotton jacquard fabric is one of the most popular. To preserve the quality of common items such as delicate clothing, delicate fabrics require cautious cleaning procedures. But don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re doing. In this section, you’ll find information regarding the fabric, including information on how to take care of it.

Cotton jacquard fabric

Features of jacquard fabric

Heavy fabric

One of the unique features of this material is its weight. Jacquard is not a lightweight fabric like cotton, linen or silk. It is bulky and you cannot carry it for a routine day.

Complex designs and patterns

The thing which makes this material demanding is its ability to put complex patterns and designs. Beautiful but complicated motifs and patterns can easily craft on the cloth as it is heavy and can take the weight.


This is a very flexible material that can take any form such as it can be used for dressing up as well as for accessories and home decor. Also, it blends very easily with other materials.

Differ properties

Jacquard fabric can have multiple features depending on the fibre that is utilized in making the cloth.

Care instruction for jacquard fabric
Here is the detailed instruction that you should follow while cleaning this piece of clothes:

Soaking and washing

Do not soak the jacquard fabric for more than ten minutes in cold water. Do not soak the jacquard fabric with anything that is easily dyed, since this can cause the fabric to fade. After that, carefully wash it with dish soap or detergent. Unless the detergent is capable of producing bubbles, you should not overuse it.

Even before you use the new laundry, you should wash it with a light detergent in water that’s 30 degrees or less. It’s important that the washing machine isn’t overloaded to avoid wrinkles and creases, and that the duvet and pillow coverings should be put outwards to avoid creating more friction.

For fragile materials, washing should be done in a mild mode, but also in a spin and dry mode (only at low speeds).

After a good rinse

The best way to avoid wrinkles is to remove your clothing from the washing machine as soon as possible once the operation is complete. For best results, shake the clothing gently after washing rather than rubbing them dry. This will help to prevent creases and other aesthetic issues.


Avoid drying your clothes in direct sunlight.
Put the jacquard fabric in a cool, well-ventilated spot to dry rather than expose it to the sun.


It is necessary to iron the clothing once they get dry, but the ironing temperature must be in control. As low as possible. The ideal temperature is 150 degrees. Prevent pressing directly on the silk surface throughout the process to avoid the appearance of Aurora. To keep its form, use a hanger. You can protect cloth against mildew and germs by using this procedure.

Tip to clean without washing

Dust clean with a gentle brush or vacuum cleaner (dry cleaning) to preserve the beauty of textiles and Jacquards. Use mild cleansers and avoid rubbing too hard to avoid damaging the material’s texture when removing stains. Scrub the spot carefully with a moist cloth and 1/2 teaspoon of gentle cleanser till the place on the home fabric is spotless. When spot cleaning garments, use a cushioned silk brush or tie a handkerchief over a soft brush. After wiping, let the surface thoroughly dry. This is useful when you are cleaning jacquard upholstery products.


Jacquard pieces of clothes are prone to bleeding, shirking and distortion. So to keep them longer you should avoid harsh cleaning. The knitted jacquard fabric needs special care instruction than usual jacquard owing to its weaving.

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