How to Teach your Kids About Gender Equality


Gender biasness is nothing new to Indian society, which have its roots in patriarchy sown deep in the brain of people. Even those who do not want to follow patriarchy are sometimes involved in gender inequality unmindfully. But it is essential to teach the young brains about gender equality to tend to bring a change in society for years to come.

How to Teach your Kids About Gender Equality

• Start as early as you can

If you start preaching the lessons of gender equality to your children once they cross their teenage, it will be of no significance. Make sure that you help them understand the concept of unbiasedness and inequality towards males and females when their brain is in a peaceful state. Childhood is the best time when kids can learn such things and absorb them in their blood.

• Begin gender equality in the family

There is an old saying that charity begins at home, and the same concept can be applied to teaching the values of gender equality to kids also. If you want your kids to learn about gender equality, make sure that you create the same atmosphere in your family and home. Please do not treat males and females in their gender roles and ask them to work equally in all the fields. You have to be the role model yourself so that your kids will catch your footprints to soak the ideology of gender equality within them.

• Send your kids to a school that believes in gender equality

School is the next step after the family that will help students be unbiased based on the sex and gender of a person. Many schools are pushing their students towards an ideology of equality and unbiasedness towards gender, unprivileged and marginalized sections of society.

• Make kids familiar with the harmful results of gender inequality through examples

Make your kids learn through the examples and experiences of others from your society, relatives, and friends. Tell them that if we treat others based on their gender and sex, it will not result in good results. If you have boys at home, tell them about the ordeals and life challenges that girls and women confront and how life is hard for them, and those with girls can go vice versa. Inculcation of moral values like empathy and equality will help them understand the problems of another gender, and they will never be biased in the future toward anyone based on their gender.

• Make them celebrate days important to men and women

If your kids are made to celebrate the special days related to men and women, they can be molded into a world of equality. Sometimes parents do not bother about the importance of teaching their kids about celebrating days like women’s day and father’s day. As a result, children never come to know about the significance of both gender and their roles in society.

This is how the concept of gender equality can be drilled into the head of children right from their childhood. Keep in mind that you are not dividing the work among your kids based on their gender roles decided by society. If you do so, it will indirectly build a mentality of biasness towards the other gender. For example, males of the family are taught about their masculinity, and the same thing gets inherited by the next generation unmindfully. Similarly, we trained girls in roles that are fragile and easy to do, which is again not going to help them for building the concept of gender equality in kids. If your children are unbiased to people based on their gender then they can serve the nations very well to bring a change of equality and make the world to see every human with egalitarian approach.


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