Clicking A Button Can Keep Loved Ones Safe And Provide Them With The Assistance They Need At Any Time


This elderly alarm device monitors emergency and home alarm systems for people with health problems or conditions who live at home. Seniors benefit from personal alarms for seniors that communicate two-way wirelessly, so family members and assisted living facilities don’t have to relocate. A company may also describe its main business as providing emergency alarm systems. The emergency panic pendant is equipped with a short-range emergency alarm system and 24×7 operator support. An operator can be contacted at any time by means of a waterproof button on the wristband or necklace.

Among the elderly, falls are the most common problem. In order to prevent seniors from falling more than once, medical alarms for seniors are recommended for those over 65 years old. A head injury or hip injury caused by a fall can be extremely debilitating. Helplessness can cause serious problems if left unattended for days or even hours. Dehydration, hypothermia, pressure ulcers, muscle breakdown, kidney failure, and even death are possible outcomes. We also provide emergency assistance with our medical alarms. It is evident that we tend to forget things as we grow older, which may cause problems in our daily lives. Senior citizens can remain at home and avoid moving into an assisted living facility or living with family members with a panic pendant. This gives family members and caregivers peace of mind. Children and loved ones can have peace of mind with an emergency alert system provided by one of the pioneers in home security.

Domestic violence may be one of your challenges. Between March 2016 and March 2017, 1.9 million incidents of domestic abuse were reported by adults (16-59 years old). The number of incidents involving men was 713,000, while the number of incidents involving women was 1.2 million.

Home crimes accounted for 46 percent of all crimes in 2008, and violent crimes accounted for 32 percent. According to 39 police forces, there were 46 arrests for every 100 domestic violence crimes. Each domestic violence crime resulted in 46 arrests. We operate our emergency alert system 24/7, seven days a week.

Let’s say you were experiencing an outage while a fire broke out in your home or you became ill and needed immediate medical attention. When you don’t have a phone, you are helpless. Call for assistance by pressing the SOS button. When you press the personal alarm for seniors, help will be summoned immediately. Life should be enjoyed. Through a personal alarm system, we look forward to seeing your end respond with a smile and blessing.

Almost all calls are answered within 60 seconds (we answer 97% of them), and your loved one can speak directly with the operator via the base unit’s two-way speaker. It is still possible to assist in some cases. Within 30 minutes after the elderly alarm device goes off, we can identify family members, neighbors, or volunteer organizations that can provide assistance. In case of an emergency, we can also provide emergency services. Getting help is easier with the Doctor Alert Wearable V1’s personal alarm system. If you need our 5-Star Urgent Response service, you can use our Lively app on your smart phone. You won’t even realize you are wearing it with its sleek design. With the Lively app, you can access Lovely’s 5-Star Urgent Response service instantly. The app disappears into the background when worn. In addition to 24/7 surveillance, fall detection, two-way communication, geographical fencing, and a one-year warranty, the product offers senior citizens a variety of features.

In Doctor Alert Wearable V1 medical alarms for seniors are available 24 hours a day for both emergency and non-emergency situations. Install the Lively app on your Smartphone to get help if you’re locked out, need medical attention, or have a problem with your car. The medical alerts for seniors work as follows:

  • The smart wearable SOS button on the Doctor Alert wearable can be used to contact our 24/7 monitoring team. Our operators are always available to answer your questions.
  • Using your phone’s GPS, our operator will locate your location and remain on the line until the emergency is resolved.
  • We will locate your location with the GPS built into your phone in case of an emergency and remain on the line until the issue has been resolved.


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