How to Decide Between Wood and Metal Fencing for Your Home 


When the word fencing strikes our head, many of us think about the security others are conscious of privacy, and few bother about the looks and elegance. So we have different sorts of fencing in the market to cater to the needs of all these ideologies for fencing of a home. Have you ever felt in limbo about which fencing to choose out of wooden and metal? There are certain benefits and drawbacks to both types of fencing, and you have to make your decision wisely. Go through the positives and negatives of wooden and metal fencing enlisted below to make up your mind.

Pros and cons of Metal fencing


Ensure the best security

Metal fencing is the most secure fencing for your home due to its strength, and nobody can quickly get it down to breach your security wall. So if the idea of security is in your head for installing fencing, then metal fencing is your call to buy.

High durability

If you do not want to spend money again and again on the fencing of your home, then you should opt for metal fencing only. This is because it is highly durable and cannot be kicked out quickly by intruders. Other fencing stuff can be broken down quickly, but metal fencing will take ages to accomplish the task and thus enhance the chances of security in your home.

Can be molded into new designs easily

You need not worry about the designs available in metal fencing as scores of metal fencing designs are available in the market owing to their vast popularity. Metal can be molded to the plans you want for your home and thus plays a significant role in enhancing the beauty and satisfying your guts for design selection.



Though metal fencing has so many benefits, it also has specific cons, like the cost is the primary factor that makes it less popular with customers. Its expensive attribute is the most significant negative point because not many people can buy it, which ignores metal fencing for their homes.


Metal corrodes very quickly and thus do not worth investing heavy bucks of money on installing mental fencing. Even if you are painting it or galvanizing it time and again, it will cost you huge for maintenance and cannot make the best choice for a middle man.

Benefits and drawbacks of wooden fencing


Looks attractive and classic

Wooden fencing gives a classic vintage look to your home compared to the metal fencing, and that is why selected for many villas. Even if you are not living on an estate, still wooden fencing will give you a feel of class and an appealing look to your home also.

Ensure solitude

Solitude or privacy is the central aspect of putting fencing around the home after security. Wooden fencing can make it possible for you to hide your living space from the public, raising reasonable confidence for privacy.

It can be fixed easily

One of the significant aspects of using wooden fencing is that if any of the rigid plates goes away from its place, it can be fixed quickly, and the cost of repairing wooden blocks used in fencing is also very nominal and can be paid by a middleman quickly.


Short durability

Wood comes in contact with water and moisture very soon and is thus not highly durable except for Shisham and Deodar. Owing to the less durability of the wooden fencing, it is not customers’ primary choice.

Can be affected by termite

Termites are hazardous to your wooden fencing, and they can make the hollow fencing inside while it appears perfect outside. So you have to put in a lot of effort to get rid of these termites to secure the fencing.

So we can conclude that both types of fencings have positive and negative aspects and it is very tough to reach any conclusion. You can make a wise choice based on your perceptions of your area.


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