Classy Ways to Style up White in Summer


Summer has finally arrived! Summer means long days, trips to the beach, and numerous team hangouts. But when warmer temps creep in, it also means finding ways to keep cool but look cool at the same time. Many may feel, especially men, that summer styling is not that easy as compared to fall and winter style because, during winters, you get a bunch of options like jackets and accessories to mix and match.

white linen shirt

It is really tough to look good, cool, and attractive for men when the temps rise. Well, it is a “MYTH”. Yaas, today we will bust this myth by giving you a glimpse of awesome options featuring white clothes, a white linen shirt and that is sure to make you look attractive while still staying comfy and cool.

But first, note down the 3 crucial factors when you think of designing your wardrobe for summer:

  • Choose the fabric that is breathable
  • Go with lighter colours like a white linen shirt
  • Select a comfortable and airy fit.

Okay, now without further ado, let’s jump to the main part, i.e. stylish and classy options for men to wear white in Summer!

Button-down Long-sleeve White Linen Shirt

Where a cotton shirt in summer is considered king, then a white linen shirt is the queen. Linen is derived from the flax plants and is the popular summertime alternative to cotton white shirts for men. You can find this fabric very easily because where there is cotton there is linen fabric too. Linen fabric is more breathable and airy, and in the hot, humid months, this breathability is a lifesaver.

A white linen shirt can be a great investment for your wardrobe this summer. It will give you a breezy and carefree appearance. You can select 100% linen fabric or one with the cotton-linen blend.

Style tip: Pair your linen white shirt for men with chinos. For night casual events, you can wear a linen blazer with a light blue shade to complete your professional look.

T-shirts &Polos

T-shirts and polos are a summer staple. T-shirts and white linen shirts work as great casual outfits. You look professional, feeling relaxed at the same time. Look for polos that are linen blend.

Style tip: You can mix and match any t-shirts and polos with any paint colour and that is the best thing for this summer wear!


How can we forget about chinos when it comes to summer styling? White chinos are a must-have for all men, your summer wardrobe is just incomplete without them. But, yes to wear white chinos you need knowledge of the right choice of pairs and the events. Only go for soft cotton fabric while selecting chinos. You can select colours like off-white, beige, eggshell or sand.

Style tip: You can pair it with a simple polo shirt, white linen shirt, with boat shoes or loafers, where you want a not-so-casual look!

Put Off White Suit

When it’s highly humid at 50 degrees, and want to do a professional outfit, then it’s time for you to break away from the traditional grey, blue or black suits and pick a classy white suit. But, go with the right material or fabric else you will leave yourself dripping in sweat. The correct material or fabrics that you should consider while selecting your white suit should be cotton or linen. You can select a linen-blend white suit that includes a white linen shirt. For great comfort and an attractive look, you can go white suit that is two-buttoned but single-breasted or three-buttoned but double-breasted.

Pro tip: Do not pair up your suit with the same white accessories; instead go with the one that is pastel-shaded, beige or eggshell colour. You can even think of using contrasting and dark colours like red, violet, or blue.

Remember for a more formal look, always pair your white suit with a white shirt for men, it will create a powerful and sophisticated style. But for the casual yet formal event, go for the shirt with darker shades.

White Coat

Normally, when it comes to the white blazer, you may be a purist. But selecting a white blazer made with the right fabric can be a great choice. The correct blazer can add a comfy look to your daily styling. In summer, you should select cotton or linen fabric. For a chic summer look, you can pair up your blazer with a white linen shirt; it makes any casual look presentable by elevating it.

Style tip: For unstructured blazers, linen is an excellent option. Mix and match it with summer pants, a linenwhite shirt for men, and a loafer, WOW, what a look. But be alert while pairing it with big checks, it may ruin your summer look.


When you are not rocking shorts or a loose t-shirt, this style guide is sure to make your summer the most comfortable and enjoyable for you. Remember, you cannot put off your November or December clothes in summer because it will surely make your season a terrible one. Go for the above-mentioned options and enjoy your summertime!


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