8 Tips for Decorating a Small Living Space


It doesn’t matter what size your personal space encompasses. You want it to be comfortable, inviting, and reflect your taste in home decor. If your living space is on the small side, you still have amazing options for creating the maximum in your personal oasis.

The Small Space Advantage

Some folks truly enjoy residing in a small space, and there are a number of benefits worth mentioning. A few of these would include the cosiness factor, the affordability to decorate, the stress-free look of minimalism, the ease of cleaning it and more.

8 Tips for Decorating a Small Living Space

1. Use Mirrors

This is a classic method for elegant home design in small living spaces. A mirror can give you the feeling of more square footage in a room and brighten your area beautifully. An oversized mirror is a fab for a small room, but home decor professionals recommend keeping the frame simple so that it doesn’t overtake the space. You could pair a mirror with a light source to add dimension and brightness to your area.

2. Enhance High Ceilings

Some smaller living spaces come with high ceilings, and if your place features this look, then, you have an advantage. For example, if you make your curtains ceiling-high, you are stretching the eyes upward, and in effect, allowing your space to seem taller and larger. Lighting can also make a bold statement with high ceilings. You could hang a prominent statement fixture to connect the upper and lower portions of a room.

3. Use Flexible Seating

Just because you have a small living space doesn’t mean you have to opt for small furniture pieces, but you also don’t want to overwhelm your room. Leading design experts suggest being flexible with your seating.

In other words, skip the huge sectional, and instead, add a variety of pieces that offer ample seating and purpose to your space. One example of this could be a couple of side chairs and a sofa that serves double duty for comfortable sleepovers and guests. Consider sofa bed mattresses that can quickly and easily fit and fold inside your sofas or couches. Adding an ottoman to the room also gives multi-purpose. It can be used as extra seating, turned into a coffee table or footrest, etc.

4. Use Rugs To Mark Zones

Here’s another cool home decor trick that works instantly in a small space and helps define your zones. Area rugs can separate a dining room from a living room, for instance, without needing walls, doors or furniture to do it. Just remember to consider where you want your space to end and another one to start.

5. Hang Large Artwork

Another technique for working with small living spaces is to use artwork to create the illusion of a bigger room. Try hanging a large piece on your wall, and observe the difference. This will enhance your vertical space. A large piece of artwork rather than a grouping of smaller pieces allows a small space to look grander with more minimalistic styling.

6. Build In Shelving

Maybe your small space already features built-in cabinetry. That’s excellent for storage and showing off home decor pieces. Or you could have a professional build in some shelving for your room. One tip here is to keep them the same color as the wall for cohesiveness and to create a bigger space.

7. Paint Walls White

This is another classic decorating solution for small spaces. White walls and a white ceiling will exude brightness and largeness for a room. If you don’t want the space to feel bland, make a vibrantly-coloured furniture piece the room’s focus.

8. Strategize Nook Space

A dining nook is a lovely feature in a small home and can appear very inviting. Decor pros recommend adding a wide bench seat that fills the entire back wall. This enhances the look of an ample private booth. Several individual chairs could make the nook look cramped.

Closing Thougts

Decorating a small living space doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need to do is follow a few designer strategies that take into consideration your layout, and use clever ideas to make that big room vibe.


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