Back to Work Fashion Tips for Ladies


After working from home for over a year, most companies are now finally starting to have hybrid systems where employees can go to work on a roster basis. After a year of being able to work with your panamas and loungewear, it will certainly be most difficult to get back to work with tight-fitting pencil skirts and polyester shirts. But, styling your work outfits with a dash of comfort mixed with the new trends should be your go-to when you get back to work.

Fashion Tips

Toss the ones that don’t spark joy

If it’s an excuse you need to throw out your old clothes and revamp your wardrobe, this is most definitely a good reason. Considering how the entire pandemic affected an entire generation mentally, picking out some new outfits will surely add some energy and good vibes to your previous routine.

If you’re not picking out new pieces, then getting rid of old clothes that no longer fit you well or give you the same revitalized feeling will also prove to be satisfying. With the new and remaining pieces now, you have the freedom to create unique looks that add new energy to your outfits. Making sure to plan ahead for the week will also help you get back into the groove of ‘dressing up’ again.

Getting the ‘work’ accessories in order

Prepping your bags, shoes, and accessories such as necklaces, earrings, belts, etc. for the season will also help you add that extra pop to your work outfits. It’s important to have a few basic things such as comfortable work shoes, or simple handbags.

Adding in statement jewellery will surely help you keep your look fresh, bold, and dynamic. Getting your everyday use bags in order such as the laptop cases, equipped with everything that you now have to physically carry to the office, will also make life easier when you have to actually start getting ready in the mornings instead of handling morning meetings in bed.

Keeping your Basics ready

For the days when you don’t feel like dressing up, you can always have basic outfits ready that don’t require a lot of thinking to put together such as having everything from skirts, pants, tops, and jackets in neutral colours such as black, white and nude.
You can accessorize or choose not to accessorize depending on how you want to go through the week. If you’re planning on keeping your fun outfits and accessorizing for Friday nights when you finally catch up with your colleagues, neutrals and nudes are the way to go as soon as you start work.

Plan ahead

While there might be a million things that you have to get used to when you have to go back to your old routine, planning ahead your outfits might sound like the silliest idea. However, if you have a basic plan for your outfits for the week depending on when you have to go to work based on your roster, it will save a lot of time on deciding what to wear, and matching outfit pieces.
Going to work will be a good change after months of staying holed up in the house. You can add more oomph to it by following the above fashion tips!


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