What does it mean to “HODL Bitcoin”?


Learn about your memes first. The term “HODL” is now used to refer to holding one’s cryptocurrency, having first started out as a forum for the word “keep” and being so hilarious for the cryptocurrency community (instead of selling it). As its prices rose quickly and records were broken in December 2017, bitcoin provided investors with a boost. During the hectic update in their prices, Bitcoin enthusiasts had irrational expectations for the currency’s future price. Three months later in 2018, their predictions were more pessimistic. Visit the website for more information.


Cryptocurrency prices decreased by nearly 27% from their peak in December and by more than 65% from the start of the year. Since then, Bitcoin has gained a reputation for having large price swings—volatility that bitcoin investors anticipated, though this doesn’t make money any less uneasy. The price volatility of bitcoin this year would cause it a serious concern if it were a business.

Understanding Bitcoin

The device The entity that stores the blockchain and executes the Bitcoin Code is known as Bitcoin. It can be compared to a collection of blocks metaphorically. Each block contains a set of transactions. Nobody can game the system because every blockchain computer has access to the same list of blocks and transactions and can see that new bitcoin transactions are transparently added to these blocks.

Regardless of whether they operate a Bitcoin “node” or not, nobody can watch these transactions take place in real-time. To commit a crime, a bad actor would need to use 51% of the computing power in Bitcoin. Such an attempt is highly improbable given the roughly 10,000 node increase in Bitcoin as of June 2021. 2

Bitcoin miners

Bitcoin miners, who are active on the Bitcoin computer network, would likely join forces with a new blockchain and attempt to carry out the attack if it happened. In contrast to a bank account number, the public key is used as the address that is publicly available and to which other users can send bitcoin.

The private key is meant to be a closely guarded secret used only to enable bitcoin transfers, much like an ATM PIN. Bitcoin wallets, which can be both physical and digital and enable users to track coin ownership, are not to be confused with bitcoin keys. The term “wallet” is somewhat misleading because, due to bitcoin’s decentralized nature, it is never actually saved in a wallet but rather on a blockchain. Of course, changes in the price of bitcoin caused investors to reconsider their views on cryptocurrencies. This is a succinct summary of the bull and bear cases for Bitcoin. You must HODL, right?

The Case Against Bitcoin

The price of bitcoin is influenced by many factors. Since the start, a steady stream of scandals and hacks has ensured that the currency’s reputation as a hub for illicit activity endures. The most notable instance in 2019 involved the Japanese exchange Coincheck, where hackers created bitcoin worth $500 million. The future of bitcoin (and the introduction of institutional money into its ecosystem) should lessen volatility.

By denouncing Bitcoin in public forums and among regulators and economists worldwide, the pressures have risen. Governments are hesitant to give Bitcoin legal protection because of their position. Since its inception, online platforms have embraced Bitcoin, united Bitcoin Bears, imposed restrictions on bitcoin use within their ecosystems, or outright banned it. Several well-known companies have restricted cryptocurrency marketing and prohibited Bitcoin payments.

Bull Case for Bitcoin

Patience is the cornerstone of the bull case for bitcoin. It uses the past performance of cryptocurrency prices as support for its claim that the price of bitcoin would rise once more. One of the most well-known proponents of this theory was analyst Thomas Lee, who served as the chief of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors and provided advice on holding bitcoin. “Market timing is typically discouraged in traditional equity investments. The annualized profit falls from 9, 2 percent to 5, 4 percent when an investor misses the S&P 500’s 10 best days each year (ex 10 best). In other words, buying and holding shares entails the risk of losing the 10 best days. 1

He followed the same methodology and claimed that if investors annually removed the ten highest days from the calculation, Bitcoin’s annual returns would fall to 25%. Except for the Top 10 Day Gains, Bitcoin returns are indeed unfavorable, according to Fundstrat statistics. While Bitcoin has a $25,000 end-of-year target, Lee has a $20,000 mid-year price tag.

A future melting of cryptocurrency-related views is also indicated by recent efforts by governments and regulatory bodies. The bitcoin ecosystem now has more liquidity thanks to new ETFs. The network’s technical developments also point to a more promising future for bitcoin. The number of accepting nodes on the Lightning Network is increasing. Large platforms like Coinbase were the first to use the SegWit technology. These procedures can aid in avoiding the issues that plagued bitcoin as its price increased last year and also give future gains for those who believe in an increase in the price of bitcoin a more solid standard of support.

Thunder Line

The bulls believe that current trends are supporting the price of Bitcoin and that it will rise once more. However, the bears use an increasing number of negative perceptions and controversies surrounding the original cryptocurrency to support their case for selling bitcoin.


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