Why having copyright is very important


Copyright is one of the most important aspects and is considered as intellectual property of the producer. All the top 10 production houses in India are very well aware of their right when they start producing the films under their banner for production. It is understood when the film house works on spending a good amount of time creating a movie or other project.


The producer needs to become aware of their rights that once make use of any time in the near future. Copyright is one such important right given to the project’s original owner. These rights come to the owner as soon as the project gets completed. Copyright sees that the owner of the project or the film can have control over the project by using the power of the copyright issue. 

Many people in India have concerns about whether there is a need to register for copyright for the film project or any other project. The answer is no, and there is no need for you to get your project registered. However, copyright is important to avoid any infringement issues with the project. 

Copyright is most crucial in which places

A video production company in India is aware that getting your films registered with the copyright is one of the most crucial steps in making movies. However, many production houses find the registration process difficult and skip this registration step. The most important thing they are not aware of in making a short-term profit is making a long-term loss when there is any infringement issue, as the movie has got released way before the due date of the film. 

Piracy is one of the major issues faced by many people worldwide, and it is not just related to the film but also related to the software and television serial. Indian courts have worked together to pass a law for the right provisions regarding the copyright. There is a certain law that every film producer will have to follow, and it has to get published by showing the list of the required information at the start of the film.

The film has to show the name and the address of the film owner who has made the film and declares that he has the necessary license and willful consent from the copyright owner for making the film. 

There are a number of films that have faced many different issues with their release of the film. If the film produced is related to an important matter or sensitive subject, the board will not release the movie without making the necessary required changes for the release of the film. Many movies were released even before they were scheduled for the film’s release. They were available online for any user to download the movie using a torrent. 

The majority of the top 10 production houses in India face this hurdle of protecting their movie before it gets released in the cinema theatres. So at that point, only one thing was going on the part of the producers to file a criminal complaint against the movie for getting uploaded online. That is how the film got removed from the website for any user to download it easily. 

A number of movies have faced this hurdle and have had to visit the courts many a time to put a stop to many of these activities. There were some movies; even after the court issued the restraining order, the film was still available for download from the sites with the help of a torrent. 

Looking after these issues, many video production companies in India use the power of John doe orders to put a restraining order to stop any illegal downloads of their film and inform the cable operators never to showcase their movies without their consent on television. 

There is a separate copyright amendment that focuses on giving the provisions so that it helps in protecting the technological measure and also help in preserving the right management information. Another section speaks about how the management has the power to have full control by preventing any privacy issues concerning producing their films in theatres. 

It is very crucial to understand that when it is related to the film, there is a high chance of piracy for the film. It is seen that whenever a movie gets released, within some hours, the film is available online for anyone to download. The copy version of the original film will get uploaded on many different sites for the audience to download. As the pirated copy of the film is available online, many people do not prefer to go and watch the movie in theatres. For these reasons, the producers have to face a good loss from their films. 

Many online platforms charge a good amount for their yearly subscription. But once the movie is downloaded online with the help of a torrent, no user will want to come and subscribe to these platforms to watch the film and other projects. That results in the overall loss in the film’s collection, which results in heavy losses to the film producers. 

Piracy is one of the most challenging problems that everyone in the movie industry faces. Some people are ready to copy the hardwork done by the producers and take it for selling those movies at half the price. There is a need to apply many strong regulations to help in stopping these piracy issues forever. But it is important to understand that it is not an easy process for the owners to make a full stop to the piracy issues faced in the industry. 


The top 10 production houses in India are the most important part of the movie industry. But there are many challenges faced by these production houses regularly. One of the most important is the piracy issues that require maximum attention to stop the loss faced by the film industry. The entertainment industry is there to make every person feel enjoyment by watching quality movies. 


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