Pros and Cons of Online Schooling System Amid a Pandemic


Ever since the first wave of covid-19 virus infected the people, we have shown more dependence on technology for our daily needs. For example, online education, e-healthcare, and online e-commerce is flourishing with a reckless speed. Here we will beam a light on the benefits and drawbacks of online schooling for kids. By the end of the article, you will be able to understand the pros and cons of the online education system for students.

Pros and Cons of Online Schooling System Amid a Pandemic


• There are more enrollments in school

Students who cannot make it to school because of living in far-flung areas and have to drop out early in their education. More parents cannot afford expensive transport of their children to school, and such students have to remain devoided of studies. Many children with special needs refrain from being admitted to schools, and online schooling is a boon for all such students to get educated from their own space in their comfort.

• Parents can engage in their kid’s studies

Indian parents hardly bother about engaging in their kid’s curriculum, and very few of them pay attention to it literally. But ever since online schooling has come into existence, the engagement of parents in children’s study has increased. Now parents who ask valid questions are more aware of what their kids are learning in school and can supervise the way teachers are teaching in class.

• Teachers can teach a big class

In a traditional classroom structure, a teacher cannot go beyond a particular strength of students, but the online class can accommodate many students. It helps students to learn and exchange ideas between so many brains, and they can learn in a better way.

• Develop technical proficiency in students

When students attend online classes, they become very proficient with technology that operates a system on their own. This is one of the most prominent reasons we can draw out from the online schooling system.


• Poor discipline

Earlier, when students used to pay regular school visits, they had proper discipline, like waking up early in the morning and taking a routine shower before going to school. Sitting correctly at the school desk and behaving well in the school classroom, but that classroom-type of decorum is missing in online classes. So it can be enumerated as a significant drawback that students face in the online education system.

• No time management

Poor time management skills in children when taking online classes rather than visiting the school. Coming to school daily means completing the homework regularly. Still, when students are home, they ask their elder siblings and cousins to finish their tasks, and it is hard to recognize such things in the online system.

• Technical faults and interruption

India is still not that sound technically, and poor weather conditions, electricity interruptions, and internet connectivity issues can hamper the class of any student, even in metro cities. This is the most significant blow to online schooling in the Indian education system, and it will take ages to get it rectified. Though the nation is developing rapidly to improve our technology, there are still miles to go.

• Improper student teacher confrontation

When students are sitting in the classroom, they can interact with the teacher effectively. Still, such confrontation, communication skills, etc., cannot be enhanced in the online mode of schooling, which is why parents are worried about their children’s communication skills in online education.

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Like a famous saying, every coin has two sides. The online education system also fits this saying as it comes with both pros and cons, and we have to cope with both of them to confront the present pandemic effectively.


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