Solo Travel Destinations In Colombia


When it comes to Colombia, solo travelers should focus on the capital, Bogota, or perhaps the coastal cities of Cartagena and Valle de Cocora. Then, there’s, and the Guaviare department, but there are other regions that you should avoid. Read on for more tips on Colombia solo travel. You’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll learn when traveling on your own.


Colombia is a vibrant and dynamic country that has something for everyone. Whether you’re going on a business trip or just looking for a way to clear your head, traveling alone is an excellent way to experience the culture. The country is safe, inspiring, and ready to welcome visitors from all over the world. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind when traveling solo. Listed below are some tips to help you make the most of your time in Colombia.

– Do not stay in the big cities. Hike into the jungle to explore Tayrona National Park or a more convenient tour. San Gil is Colombia’s adventure capital and offers an authentic taste of the country. If you’re interested in adrenaline sports, try rafting, caving, or even paragliding. While you’re here, stop by the famous Gringo Mike’s for a drink and meet other travelers.

– Make sure to plan your transportation in advance. You can take a domestic flight to most major cities, but the local bus is more affordable. In cities like Medellin, there are excellent public transport options, such as the Metrocable system and buses. In rural areas, you can take a moto-taxis, colectivos, or even a vintage jeep. Regardless of the mode of transport you use, be sure to negotiate prices with drivers before entering.


Located on the Caribbean coast of northern Colombia, Cartagena blends historic fortifications and elegant courtyards with glitzy nightlife. The Getsemanineighborhood has a colorful art scene and is close to the old town. From the airport, take a taxi to the city’s main attractions, including the ruins of San Felipe Castle. Once a thriving center for Spanish colonization, Cartagena has a lot to offer travelers.

Although Cartagena is generally safe and welcoming to visitors, the city still contains some of the typical risks of large Latin American cities. When traveling on your own, it’s best to stay in the tourist areas. These areas offer beautiful views of the city’s historic architecture, excellent shopping, nice restaurants, and comfortable accommodations. Visiting Cartagena is best done in a small group to avoid the crowded streets.

While people in Cartagena are generally friendly, it’s best to avoid being accosted by strangers. Book Cheap Flight Tickets with número de la aerolíneaAviancaYou can politely decline to pay for their services if offered, but be aware of petty theft and other problems that might arise. A second bank account and an emergency credit card are also essential items to have while traveling alone in Colombia. This way, you can pay for anything you might need along the way.

Valle de Cocora

The valley is 340 kilometers from Medellin, approximately 211 miles away. You can take a shared jeep to the valley and visit the viewpoint. You can also take a day trip from Salento or Armenia. The two towns are on the coffee triangle. Once you’ve seen the scenery and have a good idea of where you want to go, it’s easy to plan your day trip.
Getting to Valle de Cocora is easy, even for those without a guide. Simply ask for a jeep at the main plaza. You’ll have to pay three to four thousand Colombian pesos ($1) per person, depending on your preference. The trip takes about thirty minutes and you can spend as much time admiring the scenery as you like.

Getting to the region: The best way to reach Valle de Cocora is by bus or car. The Flota Occidental bus leaves from the Centro Comercial Terminal Del Sur four times a day. The ride should last about 6.5 hours. Otherwise, you can take a local jeep from the Plaza de Bolivar Salento Park every hour from six in the morning to five in the afternoon. The ride will cost approximately three to four thousand COP.


If you’re looking for some fun and unique solo travel destinations in Colombia, consider visiting this colonial town. Situated on a plateau overlooking the Quindio River Valley, Salento is awash in culture, color, and natural beauty. With a laid-back vibe and a relaxed attitude, this town has plenty of things to do and see. Here are a few tips for making the most of your stay in Salento.

If coffee is your thing, Salento is the place for you. While this town is known for producing some of the world’s highest quality coffee, it’s also a great place to go hiking. Just a short drive away from Salento, you can hike the Valle de Cocora, which features some of the tallest palm trees. The town’s public trails are free, and private trails cost around $1 apiece.
The city has several bars, but the main hangout is the billiards bar on Calle Real. Located less than a block from the main plaza, this is a great place to meet other travelers and locals, or even play a game of pool. The city has no shortage of places to relax and enjoy your trip, but you’ll definitely want to bring enough cash for transportation, groceries, and souvenir shopping.

ParqueNacional Natural Tayrona

If you’re looking for a place to go for a day trip in Colombia, consider visiting Parque Nacional Natural Tayróna. This national park is a paradise of unspoiled white sand beaches with a lush rainforest backdrop. Unlike most national parks, the Tayrona is open all year round, although you will have to hike for a while. The admission process is straightforward, but there are a few requirements you should be aware of before making the trip.

When visiting Parque Nacional Natural Tayróna, be sure to take time to walk the Nine Stones trail. This trail is renowned for its stunning scenery and contains nine stone observation points that date back over 1000 years. It’s possible to complete this loop in a single day, Get the Best Information about Travel and Book Flight VuelosDesde La Habana. but it’s recommended that you spend several days in the park to make the most of your trip.

To get to Tayrona National Park, you’ll need a passport. You must present your passport at the gate to enter the park. If you don’t have a passport, you’ll be turned away. There’s a small fee to enter the park. The entrance fee is about 35,000 Colombian pesos and is included in the price of a tour.

Santa Marta

When planning your solo travel itinerary to Colombia, consider a stop in Santa Marta. This coastal city was Colombia’s first Spanish settlement and remains a bustling port and a favorite vacation destination for Colombians. While many backpackers pass through Santa Marta on their way to other destinations, there are also plenty of things to do in Santa Marta, from a historic downtown area to hiking and boat trips.

First and foremost, don’t be tempted to stay on the main beach! The city’s main beach is unpopular and polluted, and a private taxi ride is expensive. Be prepared to spend 7,000 COP or more. If you’re planning on spending a day or evening strolling the beach, plan a night at a nearby café. Then, explore Santa Marta’s vibrant nightlife, including bars and restaurants, and try out a local dish.

While you’re in town, you’ll also want to spend time at the Gold Museum. This museum holds many unique items that were found only in the area, including ceramics and elaborate jewelry from the pre-Columbian era. If you’re looking for more cultural insight, try to take a free walking tour. The Baquianos is a local community that offers guided tours in the city. After the tour, be sure to tip the guide as a tip!

San Pedro de Atacama

When traveling solo in Colombia, you should consider San Pedro de Atacama. This city offers desert landscapes and breathtaking views, making it a unique travel destination. You can take a tour to see the stunning vistas and landscapes of the Atacama Desert. Many tours in San Pedro include accommodation, transportation, and access to the city’s top attractions. There are many attractions and things to do in San Pedro, from local crafts to exciting shopping and entertainment.

One of the best options for travelers on a budget is the Anka Hostel. They offer private rooms and dorms at reasonable rates. The reviews for this hostel are good, and they offer excellent travel insurance options. Another excellent option for travelers is to purchase travel insurance through a company like SafetyWing. SafetyWing is an excellent choice if you have any concerns about traveling alone.

The town of San Pedro de Atacama is surrounded by desert scenery – the imposing Andes are in the background. The town’s main street is lined with tourist-focused shops, restaurants, and tour companies. You’ll also find a fruit and vegetable market. Although this town is primarily tourist-centric, it offers a quieter, less touristy experience.


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