Why 25th Largest Island of Greece is Trending on Social Media?


The 25th Isle of Greece is making a distinct identity on internet for past couple of months due to its controversial name. The island is not drawing the attention of masses for its scenic beauty but for its name which remind people about an online video game on internet that is Among Us. People resembles the two names interchangeably and it leads to the buzz of memes flooded on social media on 25th largest island of Greece.

25th largest island of Greece

Which is the 25th Island of Greece?

The Amorgos is considered as 25th island of Greece when the islands are enlisted based on their size in Greece.  Despite having good beaches, pleasant weather the island is not known to many and it starts caching every eye after the flourishing of Among Us game during pandemic when people starts playing this game by sitting back at their homes. The name of the game and Island are confused by many and it makes people to come up with funny memes on internet that connects the two for insignificant connection.

Why searches for name of the 25th Island of Greece are horrifying in memes?

The Among Us is an online game played across every nook and corner of India during pandemic hit and this game is confused to the name of the 25th Island of Greeceby many people. Since Among Us is a horrifying game it project Amorgos Island in the same way and when people search for Amorgos they find funny memes with monster faces asking masses not to search for 25th Island of Greece.  This is the reason why so many memes are created on Amorgos and splashed on social media in recent time.

Why 25th largest Island in Greece is famous on social media?

The 25th largest island in Greece is Amorgos and it is a bit confused to the name of Among Us game which is beating every score in the pandemic time as people cannot step out from their home they play this game. When the name is confused by people several funny outputs regarding this confusion were also made which termed as memes on social media. People starts taking it as fun to create memes which are based on mistaking Amorgos for Among Us and how horror character of the games are asking people to dare not for looking 25th island of Greece on their browser.

The memes on name of the 25th Island of Greece and online game

The name of 25th Island of Greece is making it stand out from the crowd as Greece has many other beautiful islands but they are not that much popular for people like Amorgos has made its popularity in recent few months. Several memes are coming out on Amorgos and Among Us game. The memes are created in such a way that if you will try to look after the 25th Island of Greece on Internet the search engine results will threat you in the form of memes  to not to do so as people who have done this got horrifying results in the form of monsters. All the memes that are made on this island and game are projected to the user who take it very funny.

Why people troll 25th Island of Greece Name?

Since 25th island of Greece name got nothing to do with monsters and horrifying character but it is connected to the same based on the horror game Among Us. The name of the Island is trolled because of the mislead connection in the name of two things that is game and Island name. That is why the Island is many times trolled on different social media platforms which ask people not to dare for looking the name of 25th Island of Greece as it would scare them to the core. You can see microblogging sites like twitter and other social platforms including Facebook and Instagram are also flooded with the memes content related to the 25th Island of Greece name and horrifying the island name with monster like character.

How the 25th Island of Greece became popular immediately?

Earlier the 25th island of Greece was not in the high list of Search engine till the moment strikes against the same of Among Us online game with almost similar name. When the name was connected to the game it took huge popularity and people starts taking about it in every nook and corner of the world. Now it was something new for the social media freak to come up with for their audience and followers to entertain. The Island is not getting its popularity because of its landscape but for its name only.

Why is the 25th largest Island of Greece trending on SNS?

If you are a netizen then you must have heard about the 25th largest island of Greece. If you search this term on the browser, you will find results related to Amorgos. It is a beautiful island in Greece surrounded by alluring beaches. But this term is not trending as a holiday spot but as a meme related to a popular video game. After getting lots of references to Amorgos, Twitter got flooded by the 25th island of Greece. People are searching the term on the browser.

Amorgos sounds like Among Us

This famous game was released in 2018. But the game gained popularity in quarantine days. Many people get bored at home as they can’t go anywhere. People who were not into games started showing interest in MMOs and other online games. Among Us gained popularity as the game has a user-friendly interface.

This game involves a spaceman moving around a rocket doing a certain taste. In the crew, there is an imposter who kills the members on board. Whenever a player dies, the whole crew, which is full of strangers around the globe, discusses and votes the imposter out. The imposter tries to deceive the crew and continues to kill other members until he gets voted out.

Why Amorgos “The 25th island of Greece” flooded social media?

There are about 6000 islands in Greece but what about this 25th island? What’s special about this island? Well if you are on social media like Instagram or TikTok then you have heard it. During the lockdown, people were searching for the game “Among Us”. The name of the game sounds the same as Amorgos. When anyone runs a search, the browser immediately shows “The 25th island of Greece” as a result. Due to this many people start looking for the island and sharing it on Twitter. Due to a resemblance in name, Amorgos became quite popular. On the other hand, many people were engaged in the “Among Us” game just to know why the game is trending on social media.

So we can conclude to a point that the 25th island of Greece is famous because of the clashes between the sound of Amorgos and Among Us. The game is based on horror characters and when somebody make a search based on the Amorgos a horror character is linked to the name of the Island and asking people that is what you will get in results every time you try to find out 25th island of the Greece. In order to make it funny to next level some people starts posting devils photos with memes that it is what they find in result page when they make a search for 25th largest Island of the Greece.


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