What are the Safety Equipments used by Special Forces?


Special Forces are some of the highly trained people who are generally deployed in difficult situations. These soldiers are trained differently than normal cops or military people. And thanks to their intense training, their body is made accustomed to a harsh environment which helps them immediately respond to various situations.

Special Forces

As these people are made prepared for various situations, it is highly essential to use proper equipment and gear to ensure high safety and increase the chances of success in the missions or objectives. These types of equipment can include a bulletproof vest with ballistic plates special force helmet – a special type of ballistic helmet for Special Forces.

Body Armor used by Special Forces

Bomb Blanket

  • A bomb blanket is ballistic cover equipment that is used by Special Forces to secure suspicious objects, contain explosions from grenades, and use as a protective clever against ballistic projectiles.
  • These blankets are made from Kevlar aramid fiber. Multiple layers of this fiber are sewn together and covered with water and dust-resistant cover. They have straps in the edges and corners from which you can wrap and contain an item properly.
  • Special forces use them to cover windows and doors of a place or vehicle and protect themselves from ballistic projectiles.

Special force helmet

  • Special forces are different from normal troops, so they also require different ballistic helmets.
  • To facilitate special forces and keep them aware of their situations, special force helmets were designed to keep the special workforce have to do. So, these helmets are easy to use with various pieces of communication and other equipments.
  • The special force helmets are made by combining Kevlar with modern hard composite, which makes the outer layer of the helmet. In addition, the insides of the helmet contain cushioning pads that are installed to absorb the impact on the helmet.
  • The cushioning absorbs 66% of the impact. Moreover, this equipment is lightweight and perfect for long-term use.

Tactical Vest

  • The tactical vest is one of the must-own items which protects a soldier from deadly projectiles and allows them to carry multiple lethal and tactical equipment. These are popular among special forces because they have to carry multiple items with them during an operation. And along with safety, they also offer pockets to insert ballistic panels, which increase ballistic safety and keep them safer.

Ballistic panels

  • If bulletproof vests and ballistic helmets are not enough for protection, then add ballistic panels to your list of safety equipment.
  • These panels are made from various items like ceramic, UHMWPE, and steel. Similar to other ballistic equipment, you can use these panels in your vest to make it more resilient to ballistic projectiles.
  • These panels are rated under NIJ standard ballistic guidelines, and a combination of a bulletproof vest with a ballistic panel is capable of stopping a ballistic projectile.

What makes these items special?

The main idea behind creating these items was to increase a person’s security and safety while in intense situations. These armors allow maximum agility with supreme protection, which is required in missions and operations. Moreover, these armor pieces are made from high-quality material and are available at normal defense stores.

  • Tactical equipment

Special forces use tactical pieces of equipment during operations. Following are some of the most common tactical pieces of equipment:

  • Night Googles

Many times specific missions are to be executed at night, and using a flashlight during these times can attract other people’s attention. Special force people need to do everything calmly and sometimes without getting noticed. So, special force helmets allow the troops to easily attach a night vision Google to their helmet and use them while moving through the dark.

  • Communication device

During intense operations, communication is the key to exchanging information, so the high-cut special force helmets allow using communication devices, which makes it easy to communicate within your troop and relay vital information.

  • Smoke and concussion grenades

Grenades are popular items that Special Forces carry; for tactical purposes, smoke grenades and concussion grenades are important. These grenades are placed on the tactical vests and carried during the mission.

There are many other pieces of equipment that Special Forces use while executing their mission. But, when it comes to safety, bulletproof vests, special force helmets, and ballistic panels are great companions. So, for optimum security, ensure you get safety gears above level IIIA to get full protection. You can get these items online from a reputed defense


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