What Is Geofencing and How It Is Useful for Your Business


In today’s world, businesses need to reach their target audience with relevant messages. One way to do so is through geofencing marketing. Geofencing allows companies to send tailored alerts and services based on location. Geofencing is an innovative marketing tool that uses a geographic region as an additional way to attract customers. The tech enables businesses to send customized messages to people as they enter, leave or move around within the area of interest. Whether you’re looking for new clients or trying to drive traffic to your physical store with special deals and information, geofencing has become one of the most popular marketing tools in the 21st-century business world. The Geofencing marketing strategy is used by marketers to send push notifications to people who are in proximity of their location. Smartphone users have permitted apps they have installed on their phone through the use of geofences allowing these push notifications to be sent when they enter or exit a designated geofence area.

Geofencing marketing strategy

Geofencing marketing is a revolutionary way for businesses to deliver targeted and timely messages to customers. Geofencing marketing allows you to easily identify the places where your customers spend their time and then send them messages which are relevant to these locations. With geofencing, you can monitor your customer’s exact movements, activate location-based triggers when they enter a certain zone, present targeted content on their phones, and more. Geofencing engages shoppers who are near your storefront, building, or events site and helps increase sales. It is a powerful tool in the marketer’s arsenal because it can be used to execute a variety of marketing strategies, such as driving foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores, engaging with customers at local events, and creating broadcast messaging campaigns in specific locations and more.

Geofencing marketing is the process of locating and targeting local customers. It is more efficient, cost-effective, and convenient for the business when compared to traditional means of advertising, such as billboards and newspaper ads which are seen by people, not in the area. Geofencing marketing provides businesses with the ability to target specific customers within a set distance from a predefined location. In most cases, businesses will use this feature to send special offers and deals directly to customers when they go near their place of business.

GeoFencing marketing software is even faster and more accurate when geofencing than GPS tracking or mobile push notifications. You can target your best customers based on the amount of time they spend in a specific area, the number of visits they make over a given period, and much more. With geofencing marketing software, you can engage users in your store by sending them mobile push notifications and text messages based on their proximity to your business. Geofencing marketing software allows you to upload your existing data, and feed that information into the system. The system then uses geolocation technology to place your business into zones depending on where customers are located, and then it automatically delivers promotional material such as coupons or special offers.

But remember to deliver the right message at the right time, it’s important to know about who your customers are and what they need then only geofencing can be helpful in your business.


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