3 Fundamental Factors To Consider Before Applying For A Home Loan


If you are thinking of materializing your dream of owning your own home, it is time for you to invest in a home loan. Home loans generally have a long term and are secured loans, which means the borrower may have to provide his property as collateral.
Like any other type of loan, you must consider some unique elements before you apply for a loan on a property.

A Home Loan

Here are the 3 Important Things To Consider:

Home loans are different from other loans – you can avail yourself of a large principal amount for a much longer tenure to meet various financial needs. It also gives you the leverage to save on taxes, so home loans give you the dual benefit of investment and savings.
Here are three important things to consider before you apply for a loan on property:

1. Know The Value Of The Real Estate

Conduct due diligence and find out the true value of the property before you invest in it. It is fundamental to understand the value of your property based on critical elements like size, age, location, and equipment before applying for a loan on a property.
The amount of loan offered is directly based on the valuation of your asset.

2. Compare Prices And Features Offered By Lenders

Many lenders offer bank loans but at different interest rates, costs, features, and benefits. As a future borrower, do a little research, compare different loans to interest rates, and compare what different lenders offer before deciding which one best suits your needs.
Don’t ignore additional perks and benefits that lenders provide, such as simple documentation, rapid processing, customer service, and balance transfer that help facilitate this important decision.
You must meet the required eligibility criteria to qualify for a loan. Use an aggregator site or an EMI calculator without compromising your credit score. Check the hidden terms of use when comparing and reading direct reviews.
This will help you choose a lender that offers a fair amount of loans on affordable terms.

3. Repayment Period

Rate of interest is a priority when availing of home loans as there are various interest rates on home loans offered by lenders. But it is equally imperative to focus on repayment as many reliable lenders offer flexibility in repayment for at least 15 years.
The long term means less EMI, while the short term means larger EMI, and the loan repayment is much faster. Therefore, choose your repayment period carefully.

Other Important Tips

  • Check your CIBIL score that reflects your creditworthiness, repayment history, and current debt before applying for a loan on the property; all lenders scrutinize this score before approving sanctions, so it is important to prove your financial position with good income and only apply for loans with a credit rating of 750 or higher
  • Find out about interest rates and hidden costs before applying
  • Evaluate your needs and plan your repayment before applying
  • Your financial needs will guide you when deciding on a loan amount
  • You can also evaluate your current income and existing EMI, and regular costs to determine if you should apply for a loan on the property


Applying for a loan on the property is a great way to get financial assistance or buy the house you always dreamed of. A home loan not only encourages investment but also helps in tax savings.

All you need is a trusted lender to provide the benefits and features you need for your rental product. Your credit rating, age, behavior, income, and other factors also contribute to how affordable a mortgage is for you.


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