Warning Signs Your Car Battery is About to Die


Your car batteries are one of the most crucial components of the car’s electrical system. It offers power to start the engine and various parts and accessories of the vehicle. If your car battery fails, your alternator and other drive components are likely to be damaged, such as headlights and the infotainment systems.

If not maintained, a car’s battery can be the most common source of electrical problems and the primary cause of malfunctions. If you believe your vehicle battery is about to expire, there are certain warning signs to look for so you don’t get stuck on the side of the road.

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Let’s read what they are!

Sign 1: The Battery Light Is On

Flickering of the battery light on the car’s dashboard indicates that either the battery or your charging system is damaged. Even if the battery isn’t at fault, other components such as the alternator or the drive belt have probably damaged the battery.

While a failing car battery frequently gives your car a struggling time starting or losing power. It becomes critical to recognize that other components in the electrical system may have caused the original fault.

Sign 2: Difficulty In Starting The Vehicle’s Engine

If your car requires a huge surge to start the engine, its battery is about to die soon. With a failing battery, you will notice that the engine cranks more slowly than usual, and the car takes longer to start. You will only get one or two warning signs of this nature before the battery completely dies, so don’t ignore it.

If you hear a snapping sound when turning the key, there is not enough power to crank the engine. If this is the situation, you will need to jump-start your battery and get a new battery fitted as soon as possible.

Sign 3: Dim Headlights

If your car battery fails, it will not give power to your vehicle’s electrical components, including your headlights. Take note if your headlights seem dim and weaker than usual! Not only the reduced light is a safety issue, but it also means your car battery is almost wrecked.

Sign 4: Backfiring

This is one of the signs that you can’t miss. A dying car battery can cause recurrent sparks. These sporadic sparks can accumulate fuel in the cylinders when this built-up fuel is ignited suddenly and with amplified force, causing your car to backfire.

Remember that backfiring can be a symptom of several different issues, so a battery test is key!

Sign 5: Corroded Battery

Power from a battery is delivered via leads attached to its terminals. Corrosive material can accumulate around these contact areas and damage them over time. This corrosion degrades the car battery’s performance because it interferes with transferring electrical current to the car’s electrical system.

Rusty battery terminals indicate that the battery is in poor condition and may need to be replaced. If you check the terminals, you might take a few extra seconds to inspect the battery’s body. If the body is bloated, swollen, cracked, or damaged, a replacement battery is required.

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