Important Facts About Tally Features


Tally is a complete ERP Management System that allows companies to create an organization-wide integrated environment in which they can effectively monitor, track and manage their businesses. This application comprises many components including Integrated Accounting, Warehouse Management, Customer Relationship Management and Human Resource Management which are all seamlessly interconnected.

Know about the Tally features and services

The features and services offered by Tally Prime are much more advanced and large in numbers. From the balance sheet, inventory management, and daily accounting to generating various reports for tax filing. Nearly every process has been made convenient with Tally Prime. Tally prime is a fully integrated accounting system that helps you to manage your business in an easy, reliable, and accurate way. Compatible with all major accounting standards, tally prime is available as a stand-alone solution or as part of the complete tally package.

Tally prime extension installation

It is powerful and intuitive spreadsheet software that helps you to add value to your numbers. In just minutes, a tally can turn a messy list of numbers into a beautifully formatted spreadsheet that looks great and is easy to read. A unique solution that bridges the gap between cloud and end-user environments. It combines the advantages of on-premises, hosted, and SaaS solutions to deliver a pragmatic, scalable, and cost-effective solution for organizations migrating from an on-premises Tally ERP 9 application to a hosted or SaaS model.

Why Tally made the digital platform for your business

TALLY customization is an all-in-one apparel experience, connecting customers with products, experiences, and stories. TALLY was built to be a digital platform that gave creative freedom to customers who want to express themselves by customizing their products. Through this, people can design their goods, share their designs and get feedback.

Tally has an ERP solution and user-friendly

Tally is the fastest and most user-friendly ERP solution available in the market today. This powerful ERP software comes with an open architecture that lets you add extensions and customize it exactly the way you want. No other solution in its class can offer an integrated development environment such as Tally, which allows programmers to build extensions, customizations, and integrations using Tally Definition Language (TDL). TDL enables programmers to make a faster application without even compromising the Speed, Reliability, or data Integrity

Tally prime extension installation is an add-on 9.7 or higher versions. This extension helps in creating and maintaining the prime accounts in tally software. It is a tool that allows you to access Tally.ERP 9 applications with just one click from your browser.

The extensions are divided into two parts: one is the server app, which runs on the cloud, to manage all your data; the other is the client app, installable on your desktop or laptop computers. Once you install the client app, it automatically uploads your data from the local copy of all the files and folders you’ve selected to sync and backup to Google Drive from your device.

Tally’s extensions feature provides developers with the flexibility to build customizations and integrations that add value to Tally. It is built on top of Tally’s powerful language, TDL, which enables real-time data integration with any system. You can extend TallyPrime with more than 800+ ready-to-plug-in extensions. You can upgrade your business by adding functionality, features, office productivity tools, and so on by adding the extensions available.


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