What is a Two Wheeler EMI Calculator? How does it Help You in Getting a Loan?


For getting any of the loans, either a four-wheeler or two-wheeler EMI calculator plays a very important role. Without understanding the process and concept of a two-wheeler loan, you cannot purchase the vehicle etc. two-wheeler loans are somewhat like used car loans. The assets involved in this are bikes and scooters. A two-wheeler loan helps you to purchase your favourite bike/scooter and pay the amount for it in equated monthly instalments (EMIs).

A two-wheeler EMI calculator is an application that helps you to calculate the amount you have to pay for your bike loan. To calculate the amount, you have to put in details like your down payment amount, the duration of the loan, and the bike loan interest rate. The two-wheeler EMI calculator formula will calculate the EMI amount, which you will have to pay to the financial institution.

bike loan

Calculating the EMI for a bike loan is easy. As soon as you enter the down payment, you will receive EMI, loan tenure and the interest rate for it. How many instalments you require will be calculated by reducing the balance.

Now, knowing what a two-wheeler EMI calculator does lets us look at what changes we have to keep in mind before taking a two-wheeler loan after a pandemic?


Nowadays, two-wheelers are more affordable than four-wheelers. One can easily travel on it in the congested traffic condition of India. After the pandemic affordability should be focused more. Try to choose a vehicle that lies within your budget. You can use a two-wheeler EMI calculator to find out the monthly instalment for your loan. With its help, you can calculate the loan amount and check if you will be able to service the loan.

Bike loan online

Being online and applying for a loan from anywhere is convenient. In the current situation when you want to stay safe and limit your exposure with others, an online facility is necessary. Try to choose a vendor who provides an online loan facility so that you do not have to visit a branch in pandemic times. Explore the website and check how you can apply for a bike loan and track your application status and transactions by sitting at your home.

Flexible tenure

Due to the pandemic, a lot of uncertainty has come. Before the pandemic, when you apply for the loan you have to visit the financial institution for completing documentation but now things have changed. Look for the lender who offers flexible repayment, options and tenure. Try to choose a term, which will not bounce your finance too much, and at the same time, will not increase the cost of overall interest.

Eligibility for Two Wheeler loan

Every financier has certain eligibility criteria for loans. There may be some variations across different institutions, but they remain somewhat similar. Before applying for a loan, check the eligibility for a two-wheeler loan of the lender. After the pandemic, there might be some changes so check all of them before proceeding to avoid inconvenience.


For taking any kind of loan, you are required to submit the document. In the case of a two-wheeler loan, completing the documentation process may sometimes take time and could be a challenging part for you. So, before you think of choosing a lender look at the list of documents required and get them ready before you plan to apply for a loan. Try to choose a lender who needs very less documents or focus on the documents you have available readily.

Insurance cover

It is necessary to get insurance covered in India when you purchase a vehicle. The insurance policy protects your vehicle and you from financial liabilities you may face due to an accident. These could be due to damage to your two-wheeler, any injury due to a third party. Pandemic has taught us that life is not easy; uncertainties can come anytime and are unpredictable. Just like your research for a two-wheeler loan, try to find the company that offers you the best, most affordable and most comprehensive insurance plan for your vehicle to keep you protected.

At last, before you apply for any kind of loan or choose the financial institution for it do proper research and carefully calculate the EMI. If you are thinking to apply for a bike loan after the pandemic, keep all of the above-mentioned points in your mind as they can make your task easier. Have a look at all the documentation parts and then consult them or apply online for a loan. Therefore, you might be aware of what a two-wheeler loan is, what things you have to consider before applying for it and how the two wheeler EMI calculator works.


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