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Facility Management Service Company has been present on the market of property & facility management services, furniture production and logistics since 2003.
which meets the needs of owners and tenants of office or commercial space, with technical and logistical solutions adapted to their needs and which makes services available both in Bucharest and throughout the country.

We have founded and developed throughout our existence, beyond a wide range of services, the concept of Passion Service, a concept created to satisfy even the most demanding expectations.


One of the main objectives of large companies is to streamline property investments by maintaining or even increasing the market value of the investment in parallel.

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With reducing their operational maintenance costs, but also maintaining the quality of services at a competitive level in the market segment. of which they are apart.

The main advantages you get by choosing to collaborate with Passion Service as a provider of Facility & Property Management and logistics services are:


The comfort you will gain by releasing the specific problems of arranging, relocating or maintaining the spaces you use as their occupants.

Creating a high-performance work climate, our designers provide you with advice in this regard.

By constantly adapting to the market requirements and implicitly to the needs and requirements of the clients.

There will always be a dedicated person who will take over, solve and manage all customer requirements, according to the range of services offered;


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Here is some information that will help you make informed decisions on facility management.

To allow people to perform their best work and be at ease in their surroundings They must be in spaces that are safe, comfortable, warm, and efficient. Facilities management is involved in all that is happening around the people who live in facilities as well as within the grounds. The places where they play, work, learn and live must be well-equipped, comfortable and sustainable.

A well-run facility management program will add to the financial success of your company which will affect both the long-term and short-term value of your buildings, properties and equipment. Your efforts are crucial to:

  • Space optimization
  • Guidance for capital projects
  • Maintenance and management of energy
  • Accounting for leases
  • Workplace experience

The functions of facility management

With a wide range of industries and sizes, facilities managers face many essential day-to-day duties. They must prepare for the future and be prepared for different jobs on any given day. The responsibilities of a manager typically comprise:

  • Real estate management
  • Capital projects and planning
  • Management of space and occupancy
  • Lease administration and accounting
  • Workplace experience

There are other ways to improve the efficiency of each job which will be included in the schedule of the manager:

  • Deliver operational efficiencies
  • Provide an environment that is conducive to productivity
  • Find and implement technological solutions
  • Guarantee compliance with regulations
  • Reduce the risk to facilities and employees.
  • Reduce the cost of energy use
  • Lessen their carbon footprint by reducing the footprint created by the Real Estate portfolio.

Facilities management comprises:

Lease management, which includes lease administration and financial accounting.
Planning and managing capital projects.

  • Operations and maintenance.
  • Energy management.
  • Space management and occupancy.
  • Experience of the occupant and employee.
  • Business continuity and emergency management.
  • Real estate management.
  • Supporting individuals

The chief goal of an office supervisor is establishing an obliging workplace for representatives. This serves numerous more extensive objectives, including drawing in and holding top ability, further developing proficiency and efficiency, and making a positive work environment culture. Office supervisors give worker support in numerous ways, including:

  • Planning desking courses of action
  • Overseeing representative registries
  • Working with moves and space usage
  • Dealing with crisis arranging

Office directors fill in as an extension between the work environment and the representatives working inside it. Whenever issues of convenience, wellbeing, or solace emerge, it really depends on the office supervisor to settle them.
This applies also. Office administrators are answerable for giving essential arranging information to the C-suite and deciding the drawn-out way to deal with working environment advancement. Their regular association with the working environment reveals insight into genuine expenses and upper hands at the worker level.

Laying out processes

What are the elements of offices without a cycle to administer them? Laying out processes carries requests to the work environment. The request makes an arrangement of assumptions, which breeds association that decidedly impacts the manner in which individuals use the work environment. The work environment runs on a large number of cycles, including:

Office chiefs serve the double job of recognizing administration regions and adjusting cycles to cover them. Whenever another circumstance emerges, it ultimately depends on the office chief to make a request from the tumult and build a repeatable structure for taking care of that situation again later on.

Creating processes is likewise where the extent of office the board extends its scope. New cycles might include various offices, workers, resources, installations, and spaces-all of which associate the numerous parts of the business.

Offices upkeep and improvement

As the name infers, the executives are to a great extent established in offices upkeep and improvement of the actual structure. It’s the most normal response when inquired, “What office do the executives incorporate?”


In any case, this is additionally the most strong extent of assumptions for office directors. It includes tending the structure, yet developing associations, future preparation, and resource the board. A few instances of this expansive scope of obligations include:


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